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Post by ○WaterDrops○ on Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:26 pm

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Larkspur Azure


Larkspur is a flower with blue petals.
Azure means sky blue.
I really like this name for him because
I adore fancy and exotic names and I
just think it suits him well <3




Azure is a little bundle of joy who is
honest, loyal, loving, kind, ambitious,
Some of his traits can be abit negative
such as impatience, O.C.D., Show off,
and hemophobia.
Honesty is the best policy. An example
of Azure being honest is when he once
broke a prized possession that belonged
to his mother, a photo of his grandmother.
He was honest and told the truth. Of-course
he did get in trouble but not as badly as he
would if he lied.
Azure is always willing to stand up to what
he feels is right. He is whiling to risk his life
to do what is best.
The opposite of Azure is mean. He is a very
kind little young Kia. He uses his manner but
he also sometimes forgets to and is corrected
by others.
Ambitiousness is a characteristic of Azure. He
is very determined to get what he wants. He
also likes to succeed one's desires.
He is also very adventurous. He likes exploring
'un-known land', such as his backyard. xD
Azure can also be very impatient to things that
he wants. he would spend his time whining to
make sure he gets what he wants faster.
Azure also has O.C.D. which is Obsessive-compulsive
disorder. This disorder keeps him from doing things
lazily. This is also another word for perfectionism.
When he has something expensive or unique the
first thing he does is... show it off. He loves being
a show off and feeling like he is special.
Blood is Azure's number one fear. Hemophobia is the
fear of blood. Azure can not be in the same room as
blood, which is ironic because he has blood flowing
through him. Many tell him that but he disapproves
and says that he has water in him. Also that Kiamaras
with blood in them are horribly sick. xD
All of these character traits are what makes him adorable.


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