A Message to our Members.

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A Message to our Members.

Post by bonk on Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:09 pm

Hello everyone!

On the chat there have been some hard feelings lately.
I would like to remind you all that this community is supposed to be safe and supportive, and we need to be kind and respectful to one another.
It's okay to joke around, but please make sure that everyone understands it's just a joke and it shouldn't be taken seriously.
Also, I would encourage you to talk about your issues with each other rather than just storming off and saying bad things about each other. Everything will be much easier if you just settle it yourselves and get it over with, I assure you.

Another thing- Please respect each others privacy.
If you don't have their consent, keep your mouth zipped.

Thank you for reading this, please spread the word. We want this to be a happy place.

- The Kiamara Staff

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