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Post by wolfxdog on Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:54 pm

hey there, wolfxdog here! call me wolfy or matt. c:

you might've seen be stalking around CS a little and, well, i thought it was about time i showed my face in the Kiamara world, since i've been quietly fawning over them for a long time now.

so what do you need to know about me?
i'm nineteen, scottish and i have a love for all things ice hockey, animals and fantasy. i enjoy drawing as a hobby - mostly dragons and canines but occassionally some anime influence here and there - and i like to fawn over aquatics. fish keeping is awesome. i have a dog, a border collie, and she is the love of my life!
i'm on a university course studying literature and american studies, which is a lot of fun but keeps me busy sometimes!

i will add more later, but hi! kias are adorable. <3
hopefully i can join in soon. c:

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