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Post by Captain Cj on Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:15 am

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    This cute Kiamara's name Is Pilot. Yes, I know what you're thinking, what kind of stupid name Is Pilot?, but It suits this Kia perfectly, and Is so simple yet exciting! I named Pilot pilot, because he Is a sucker for any sorts of flying, so It just seemed right.
    Pilot Is 3 Kiamara years old, almost a full grown adult, but he always will be a child at heart. He was born In the summer on January the 6th, In a jungle forest.
    If you haven't noticed already, Pilot Is a boy, both mentally and physically. He has many "typical boy" traits, as he Is very careless and never cleans up after him self. His name "Pilot" also somewhat indicates he Is a boy, because for me at least, I see that name being more masculine.

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    Pilot has a very straight forward personality, and he Is not what you would call "complicated". Pilot Is a typical child, who Is restless and just wants to play. He Is very adventurous, always exploring the world around him. Life Is just one big game to him really, and he Is always looking for a new way to have fun. He Is daring and dangerous, and loves taking risks, and usually too stupid to realize that what he's doing could risk his or some other Kiamara's well being. Pilot doesn't really know when to shut up, and he can bring up hurtful or awkward subjects without even realizing that there not appropriate at that time. He loves pulling pranks, especially on the uptight adults, and he usually ends up getting In trouble. He can be a very noisy Kia at times too, and everyone knows he's around when they hear his awful singing booming through the jungle.

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    Pilot thinks love Is a ridiculous concept. He grew up neither being loved or loving, so he just doesn't believe in the whole thought. That Is until he met Niviasiaq.
    He currently has a huge crush on Nivi, he just doesen't quite realize it yet.
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    Pilot parents Is a story you may see as sad, but Pilot couldn't care less, as he doesn't know the full story. You see, Pilot was not planned. His parents, two research Kiamara's, had come to the jungle to study the wildlife that lived there. They were just research buddy's, not mates, as they both had mates and children back at home, but one thing led to another and Pilot's mother got pregnant. Now when his mother found out, she was horrified. She couldn't raise another child! So she kept It a secret, and did not tell the father. A year passed and It was almost time for them to go home when Pilot's mother gave birth to Pilot himself. Quickly, she ran into the heart of the jungle, and left Pilot there. Pilot remembers none of this, and all he knows Is that he has no parents.

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    Piolt's Reference Picture by albinoBroccoli
    Detailed Pilot Drawing by chalize
    Pilot With Hat by bear
    Pilot Lying Down by spiderclaw
    Pilot Headshot With Dotty Background by PsiKenzie
    Pilot At A Lake by Lovekitty
    Tarzan Pilot! by Xofrats
    BUNNY PILOT by Ricorn
    Pilot Avatar by Mango Sherbet
    Pilot flying his plane by DominateOne
    Pilot headshot colored by me lines by Tano

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Pilot wrote:Feeling~ In love
Thinking~ Of Lola
Doing~ Hanging with Lola

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