biohazards, lanterns and hockey pucks [Wolf's Kias]

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biohazards, lanterns and hockey pucks [Wolf's Kias]

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His brother is Mitsukai


Biochemical - or 'Chemic', for short - is a flirt. A terrible, terrible flirt for that matter. He seems to hold himself highly above others, taking a superior position to them all. Doesn't matter if you're taken, he will sidle on up to you with his grin and try to cosy on up to that Kia. Earned a few nips and bites for his actions, but that hasn't deterred him in the slightest.
Chemic is a cunning guy, though he can give a slightly dense conversation from time to time. Be wary of his wandering eyes, for he may just be plotting something, and you may just be involved with his little plans. Rarely do they work, much to his own dismay.
A rather rebellious punk-rocker, Chemic is fond of music above most other things in his life. The beat of a song works wonders on his soul and relaxes him when stress becomes too much for the young adult. Often you may find him lost in music if he is not lurking around in the city streets. Rarely, he writes his own songs. You may just be so lucky to hear them.
In short, Biochemical is;
Prideful, Cunning, Flirtacious, Intelligent and Aggressive.

- He has a natural talent in understanding chemicals and their equations, believe it or not.
- Does not like hot water - cold baths are his favourites.
- Collects headphone covers - mostly fond of chemical symbol ones! Needs a new one to use every day of the week.
- He has a rather extreme fear of growing older.

'Chemic Headshot - By Me
'Come on get your rave on!' - By Me
'Poser' - By Me
Pixel!Chemic - By Me
'Watching you' - By Me


- may also be called Ming by friends -
meaning - 'bright glow through the clouds', a fitting name for one with a love for the glow of the lantern.

what's her favorite asian tradition;;
The Chinese New Year tradition of the gifting of red envelopes. Why? That is a good question. Whilst other cultures may find such a tradition odd, it is one that Mingxia holds close to her heart. The red is not only beautiful but symbolises the luck she wishes upon the children and family she gifts her envelopes to.
A little money goes a long way. Mingxia has always been fortunate in her wealth, living from her beauty and the status of her long-standing, proud family - gifting her small fortune, a red envelope at a time to those deserving, is truly a tradition worth upholding.


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