Hey there, this shall be my introduction.

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Hey there, this shall be my introduction. Empty Hey there, this shall be my introduction.

Post by Vazchu on Sat Jun 08, 2013 12:49 pm

The name's Caius, but I guess you're better off calling me Vazchu or Vaz here and on CS (where I've the name Vazchu too). I live in a place known as Sweden, so I'm not fluent in English at all when it comes to writing and talkning - but I try my best at all times. However, I am more or less fluent when it comes to reading and hearing it (so you don't have to worry that I won't understand what you write, because I do).

My greatest interest in this world is to create - and that's something I do in more ways than one. I photograph, illustrate, write, sew, make hand-bound books and I always try new ways to create (because I love it that much and because I like to learn new things). Other than that I'm also into anime, manga, cosplay, conventions, music, movies, games, books, the universe, mythology, history, ancient Egypt, demons, dragons, bionicle (lol, childhood, so I'm not able to let go of it just yet), old places and objects and paranormal stuff.

Some favourites - just because I can;
Color; Purple
Music; Everything I listen to, because I wouldn't listen to it other vice.
Book series; The tears of Artamon by Sarah Ash - without a doubt in my mind.
Movies; I like just about everything I watch... The favoruite director has to be Tim Burton though, his movies are great no matter what it is. But I also like movies such as Transformers, Real steel, movies based on Marvel comics (like Iron Man, Spider-man, the avengers, etc) and pretty much every other movie I grew up with as a kid (yes, I'm childish for your information, I don't want to grow up).
Magas; Honestly, I'm rather bad when it comes to reading manga, but when I actually read something I can finish one volume in an hour or so... And I've so many mangas that I want to read and those are probably stuff I will deem as favourites too. But for now I'll just say it like this; Pandora Hearts, Kuroshitsuji / Black butler, Nabari no Ou, Naruto, Deadman Wonderland, Waltz and Maoh: Juvenile Remix.
Animes; I love anime and I watch a whole lot of stuff (as of today when I'm writing this I've seen over 100 different animes, I know, it's not much compared to what most have seen, but I've seen at least 60 of those during a period of one year). However, I also end up liking most of the animes I watch, there's only two this far that I really, really, really can't stand at all (I won't mention which ones, in case someone here loves them). But I have some favourites... And those would be as follows; Pandora Hearts, Kuroshitsuji / Black butler, Nabari no Ou, Deadman Wonderland, Ao no Exorcist / Blue Exorcist, Death Note, D. Gray-man and Fullmetal Alchemist (both the first one from 2003 and the second one named Brotherhood from 2009, I liked to combine the two of them togheter).
Cartoons; Teenage mutant ninja turtles (I've to say, yes, I do mean the cartoon from 1987 (because I watched it as a kid, but I can admit that I haven't watched it for the past 13 years or so), yes, I do mean the cartoon from 2003 (if you don't count the last two seasons - truthfully, I hated them and I never deemed them as the same as the seasons before it, since they changed the way they animated it) and yes I do mean the cartoon that they started to create 2012 as well - I am a TMNT nerd by blood), Transformers and most cartoons based on Marvel Comics.
Games; For Nintendo 8 bits ~ The first three Super Mario Bros games and "Snake - Rattle n' Roll" (I wish that I had the TMNT games too, but I don't so I can't have any opinions on them). For PS2 ~ The legend of Spyro, Guitar Hero, Oogie's Revenge, Need for speed underground and probably Final Fantasy too (even though I rarely play it because I only have two of the games). For Wii I guess it's Super Mario more or less. And for PC it's only the bionicle game made back in 2003 that I still play... And a game that I really want to get into is BlazBlue, unfortunately I don't have any of the games.

Now I've written enough and I don't even think anyone will read this, lol. (x

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