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Alex for short.

Young Adult, 
Equivalent to a 21 Year Old Human.

March 23


Sexual Orientation;
Pan Sexual

Theme Song;

Health Conditions;
Alex is Deaf, but other than that, 
he is your typical healthy adult male.


Unknown, but is dead.

Unknown, but is alive somewhere.



Other Family;


Relationship Status;


Alex is your typical College boy, always partying and having a good time.  He's the one who's, "Always workings for the weekend."  He hosts all the major local frat parties and is a member of the biggest futurity on campus.  He's not afraid to show it off either.  His language can be slightly vulgar, but he tries to keep it under wraps when he's not with his college buddies.  He is the picture of the "Cool Kid."  If your child ever wanted to be like someone, they would want to be like Alex.  This has it's set backs though.  He doesn't tend to keep friends that well, and he can never hold down relationships, ever.  He is very close to his brothers though, and he will do everything and anything to protect them.  

Why does he dislike being deaf?;
Alex, well, he was a Music Major.  He would study for hours, looking over pieces of music, memorizing all his parts, even volunteering at the local High School, helping out and giving lessons to students.  You wouldn't think a deaf man would love music, but it's Alex's dream.  If it wasn't for that fatal accident, he'd still be able to direct...
In being deaf, he can't hear anything the band's playing.  If he wants to try and direct or even listen to a piece, he can't.  He must be told the number of measures, their dynamic markings, time signature, key, etc. before hand.  He must memorize everything to even begin to teach students how to play a certain song.  It's a giant hassle, and he hates having to do it.  He has to be bare foot when conducting, and he has to feel for the vibrations of sound.  
He can no longer help in any aspect of any band's year, except Marching Band.  He can only sit up there in the box, and watch form, never able to listen to what his students are doing.  He loved playing when he was a student, and now that is taken away from him.  He dreamed of retiring, and becoming a judge in the Competitive Marching Band Circuit, but now, that's impossible.  
Being deaf doesn't stop him from playing instruments, but it does limit what he can play.  Some instruments are hard to play if you can't hear where your pitch is.  He's managing to figure it out, but it was a long process.  He came close to tears on many occasions, sitting up in his room, trying to practice and regain his abilities. 
Right now, he's a Student Teacher for the Band Director at the Local High School.  Unlike most other Students teachers who are there for a half year, his dean told him he must be there for five years, if he ever plans to graduate and get his degree.  He hates this, but he's determined to finish. 

+ Not much is known about his childhood.
+ Amadeus ran away when their mother became pregnant with Sebastian and him.
+ He is very good at reading lips.  Normally, when you first meet him, besides his strange sounding voice, you wouldn't be able to tell he's deaf.

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