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Post by geier on Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:57 pm

until i can think of a rad title, i'll just have that current boring one. for now, no posting please.

at the moment i only have Aleksei, but who knows what the future holds?
Drei has now joined the family!

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Post by geier on Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:58 pm

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Name: Aleksei
Gender: Male
Crush: MintCat's Castiel
Sexuality: Pansexual
Significant Other: Dating Castiel
Accessories: Aleksei wears a brown- and white-striped feather around his leg and an ushanka - a Russian hat.
Personality: Aleksei is a very happy and friendly kia. He's often oblivious to situations and even if he has no clue what's going on, he still has a smile. The mentioned trait is due to his lack of knowing proper English. His first language is Russian and he still is in the process of making English his second. His accent is still pretty thick and he isn't always understandable.
He never holds grudges for long and considers everyone his friend, having an undying loyalty to everyone. He's honest - perhaps a bit too honest accidentally sometimes. He would never mean to hurt anyone, but since he's not fluent in English, he may say the wrong things. He becomes very embarrassed when he does and it's one of the few things that canĀ  wipe the jolly smile off his face.
History: Will do later.
Likes: Snow, socializing, friends, snuggling, cold climates, cheering up others, winter, berries, most other foods, chocolate, his ushanka, and overall just being happy and having a great time.
Dislikes: Sand, sand, and more sand. Hot climates, rudeness, embarrassing himself, negative things happening to his friends and ushanka, boredom, and summer.

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Post by geier on Fri Sep 06, 2013 7:14 pm

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Name: Drei
Gender: Male
Nicknames: None
Crush: None
Sexuality: Unknown
Significant Other: None, not looking.
Accessories: A red feather around his leg and two around his tail.
Personality (In a Nutshell:) Drei keeps to himself most of the time; too weary of others to interact with them. He's very antisocial and will do his best to avoid interaction. Even when 'Null' hasn't taken over, he can get a little snappy once he starts to get irritated. He's at his happiest when he's alone; or in his case, with Null. He has schizophrenia, often hallucinating and claiming to see things that aren't really there.
Personality: Drei is a timid kiamara who's extremely antisocial. He is much too afraid of being teased or hurt to socialize deliberately or even roam around in daylight. Most kiamaras are too wary to approach him anyways due to his eerie appearance, when he talks to himself, and especially when he counts down before doing harm. Due to all of this, he's extremely out of touch with the rest of the world and very awkward when he comes across anything that lives and breathes. Drei is generally submissive, except when 'Null' is apparently out and he becomes very aggressive.
He often speaks quickly and stutters when talking to strangers. He doesn't like having any contact at all with anyone besides 'Null' and will usually run away when confronted. He is very slow to trust and he has yet to put his faith in anyone besides 'Null'. Drei often keeps his head low when around others and does his best to remain inconspicuous. He's much happier when he's just with 'Null' and can be observed smiling, laughing, and talking with himself if he hasn't noticed you yet.
Drei has very low self-esteem. He believes he isn't pleasing to the eyes at all, but he doesn't let it get him down so much. He also knows he isn't the brightest. Being that his parents abandoned him, he didn't get to learn much from them at all. Whenever someone lays eyes on him, Drei always believes they are judging him cruelly and thinking terrible insults.
Being that he often hallucinates unpleasant creatures, he is almost always apprehensive. Drei is very engrossed in his hallucinations and believes they are all real. He is oblivious to his schizophrenia and will deny that there's anything wrong with him. Especially when it comes to Null, he becomes very defensive whenever his existence is doubted. Claiming Null is nonexistent is one of the quickest ways to anger 'them' and will usually lead to a fierce attack with 'Null' not going away for awhile. In normal cases, 'Null' goes away after one bite, scratch, or something of the sort and Drei flees immediately after.
'Null''s and Drei's personalities are quite contradictory of each other. 'Null' is much more aggressive and dominant, apparently having no fears. He is angered whenever someone insults Drei, hurts Drei, or denies his existence. He's sadistic, enjoying seeing others bleed and be in pain. Drei doesn't find such things appealing, which is one of the reasons he flees immediately so he doesn't have to see what 'Null' did. The other reasons are so he doesn't get caught or hopefully he can get away before the victim retaliates. If 'Null' had the chance, he would probably attack until the victim is dead, nearing death, or when he's much too wounded.
Drei says that 'Null' cares a lot about him and no one else. 'Null' is like a fatherly or brotherly figure to him and is the only family Drei currently has. 'Null' is always there to comfort him and is very gentle and nice when it comes to Drei.
History: Drei was born on a warm Friday, July the 13th, to be exact. Of course, his appearance had been eerie from the beginning, but his parents disregarded it before. They loved him dearly and it wasn't until Drei claimed to be seeing things that they began to grow suspicious. At first, they disregarded his claims just as they had disregarded his appearance. They suspected it just as a phase he would grow out of eventually. Drei got older and he was still hallucinating and talking to things that were apparently imaginary; this concerned his parents. Being that they were kiamaras with a superb reputation, they didn't want Drei and his schizophrenia to taint it.
He was about the usual age when young kiamaras get their feathers when they left. It was in the middle of the night while Drei was still sleeping. It is said that now, whenever someone asks about him, his parents say he's deceased. Drei woke up confused and forlorn as he noticed his parents were missing. At first, he thought they had just gone out for awhile. A day passed. Then, that day became two. And then, it became three. By then, Drei had lost all hope that his parents were ever coming back for him. He was dismayed and lonely and in this time of weakness, 'Null' came around.
Drei claimed 'Null' promised him on that third day, that he would never leave him like his parents did and he would take care of him from now on. He didn't need his parents any longer. Whenever someone insults him, hurts him, all he needed to do was count to three and 'Null' would help him. He hasn't broken his promise since.
That next morning, Drei was looking for his belongings that he would take with him before they would leave this old home and what occurred, behind. He found three, red feathers stashed away. He inferred that they were the feathers his parents had planned to give him, so he wrapped one around his left leg and the remaining two around his tail.
Just about they were about to set off, he realized something. Soon after his hallucinating began to show, his parents stopped speaking directly to him and never referred to him by the name that they had given. He couldn't remember what they had called him before when he was younger, no matter how much he tried. Drei claims that 'Null' renamed him based on his promise.
As they traveled, Drei began to notice the strange stares got when he was talking to 'Null'. Other kiamaras began to notice something wasn't right with him. Some gradually began to fear him, others avoided him, others began the ridiculing. A group of male kiamaras larger than him were the first to start it off. Drei had always been socially awkward, but he attempted to be friendly at first. The kiamaras attempted to put on a friendly act for awhile also. As Drei began to tell them about 'Null', they started to snicker as they tried to refrain their laughter. Drei was shocked when the strangers called him 'stupid', 'an idiot', 'nutcase', and other things of the sort. He wasn't used to socializing, let alone being so verbally abused. They even insulted 'Null' and told Drei he was nonexistent. Just as Drei was on the verge of tears, 'Null' reminded him of his promise. He counted down out loud from three. The strangers were oblivious to what he could be doing and were caught off guard when 'Null' attacked them.
The outcome left the strangers badly bleeding, but still living. Still, Drei didn't like the sight of it and he was worried that they would retaliate. Not only them, but the bystanders who had also witnessed it and were giving him stares of surprise. Drei fled as fast as he could run from there.
Ever since then, they only travel at night and avoid confronting others as much as possible.

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