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Post by KWest on Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:36 pm

Here I'll post my Kiamara in the order in which I get them ^^
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▶ Shikoba, the silent 'gentleman'
▶ Open
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KWest's Kias Empty Shikoba, the silent 'gentleman'

Post by KWest on Sat Jun 22, 2013 5:30 pm

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Kiamara Name:
He considers it to be a bit long, but discourages nicknames because he feels they aren't proper

In the Native American Choctaw language, the word 'Shikoba' means feather. Considering the fact that Kiamara are known for their beautiful feathers, and since this one has some very striking green ones, I thought it'd be appropriate ^^

21st October

Young Adult (or 21 in Kia years)
What are several words to sum Shikoba up?
▶ Awkward
▶ Reserved
▶ Gentlemanly (ish)
▶ Caring

Shikoba is a solitary Kia - an introvert, if you will - and is often described as having a mature and humble personality, and is shown to be level-headed during times of need and urgency, and as such Shikoba likes to think of himself as being of a gentlemanly type. He's shown to like being on his own, happy to dwell in his fantasy world or continue to work hard at one of his hobbies rather than engage in social events. That's not to say Shikoba doesn't enjoy the company of others; he's certainly not shy just prefers his contact with others to be in moderation.
Nevertheless, Shikoba is rather patient, particularly around younger Kiamara, though like everyone else he does have his limits. And during those rare times when he's pushed to the edge of those limits, his normally calm and reserved demeanour can slip and blow in a short fit of anger - but usually he comes off worse than the cause of his upset.
On the other hand he isn't one to take part in long conversations and debates, or even arguments that he's involved in. Quite often this Kia is quite happy to observe from afar and only intervene if requested to or if he feels the need - which isn't very often.

Shikoba is certainly not emotionless. He may seem flat and stoic at times, especially when he's trying to engage himself in one of his hobbies (he's particularly fond of reading, though as anyone might know it's not easy to concentrate on a good book when someone's romping around in the background). As previously mentioned, Shikoba prefers his own company. Unless something or somebody else catches his interest he'll rarely step outside his comfort zone, and as a result he does have few friends. He doesn't let this fact get him down. He's still young and knows that there's plenty of time to find friends - and a special someone - in his life, and if somebody who claims to be his 'friend' fails to understand that and tries to rush that, well... are they worth staying with?

However, for the truly persistent, any Kiamara truly daring enough to dig past his solitary outer shell will be delighted to know that a (awkwardly) loveable and rather kind male is waiting beneath. Loyalty is a major factor for him. He finds it increasingly difficult to form any kind of mutual relationship with others. In the past when the ones he possesses strong feelings for doesn't return them and even turns him down in a snide fashion, he's been known to retract back into a long solitude that lasts up to several months. He wouldn't say he gets depressed... just very, very upset. And quiet. And during those times Shikoba will keep to himself in a recluse state until he gets over his 'heartbreak' (as a gentleman he doesn't want to make others suffer with his gloomy presence), never bothering to try and mend it. From that point on he always tends to feel a little on-edge when around those Kia who made him feel so bad, and though he remains to act in goodwill towards on the outside, he tends to either burn up or feel emotionally withdrawn on the inside.

Shikoba is often fascinated by new and wondrous things and often if he's particularly interested he strives to learn more about whatever it is that has caught his fancy - it helps him to understand the world around him, he says. However, if it is something that he really doesn't care for than it's likely that he'll just snub or belittle it - usually in a way that's more nasty or mean that he initially intend.

Friends & Relationships:
Shikoba's habits and tendencies cause him to be a bit anti-social, however if it were up to him he'd like a few friends. Not many but enough for him to be getting on with. And if possible, they'd have to share similar habits and hobbies. All in all, Shikoba is a bit lonely which isn't helped by his choosiness.

Currently he has no friends. 

Sexual Orientation:
Shikoba is Demisexual with no specific gender preference

Relationship Status:

Single and without a crush

Favourite Hobbies/Pass-times:
▶ Reading
▶ Drawing and sketching
▶ Baking sweets
▶ Photography

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