About Kiamaras - All You Need To Know About Them

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About Kiamaras - All You Need To Know About Them Empty About Kiamaras - All You Need To Know About Them

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What is a Kiamara?
A Kiamara is a canine-like creature, but they have long, rather soft fur, and an almost dragon-like tail. They are born with no horns, but a few who grow to have longer horns are born with tiny stubs on their heads. Kiamara can be extremely shy, and females can often be a bit grumpy. Don't worry– once you win their hearts, they will never stop loving you. Male Kiamara can be very quiet, but they love attention. Of course females do too, but the males thrive off of your love. They love to be praised.

General Sizes
Baby - House Cat Size
Child - Labrador Dog Size
Adult - Small Mountain Lion Size

About Kiamaras
- The spots on Kiamara are markings. No living Kiamara has, and ever will have no spots. Rarely you will find a Kiamara with more or less than usual, but NEVER with none.
- Males are generally larger than females, but not by much.
- It is rare to have a Kiamara with less hair than normal, but even more rare to have one with more than the general amount of hair.
- Each Kiamara has at least one feather accessory, the first is always on the tail. More than one are common to see, though.
- Short and long horns are common to have, but curled horns are very rare.
- Kiamara paw pads are the same color as their eyes or spots.
- Dark colored Kiamara are less common than lighter colored.
- Kiamara occasionally have added accessories besides feathers, but not too often.
- Kiamara mate for life, but they sometimes have 'relationship problems' before they are true mates, and may choose someone new.
- Each Kiamara litter has anywhere from 1-3 pups in it.


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