Kiamara #324 Doll

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Kiamara #324 Doll

Post by Princess Celestia on Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:21 am

I'm so proud of this guy I just had to post him here as well! I said I'd never make a doll as tryout art, but obviously I broke that rule. All the text below was copy and pasted from my form, since there's no reason to just re-write everything it says. I split up the photos with Spoiler tags for those with slower internet and stuff like that. :)

The colors aren't completely accurate because of the type of clay I was using. I only work with colored clay, absolutely no paint, and used Sculpey Bake & Bend for most of him. Bake & Bend is only available in 8 colors and I used all of my white making him, so not every color is perfect and not every marking could be made. Bake & Bend is prone to cracking, which is why you may be able to spot fixes and cracks. Although it has its problems (and is not bendy, despite the name and stock photos), Bake & Bend has an interesting texture that's different from other polymer clay. For the brown parts (mane, eyes, nose, and spots) I used normal Sculpey, as Bake & Bend does not come is a brown even close to accurate. He took me around eleven hours to complete, including all baking, cooling, freezing, and glazing steps. His arms, legs, and tail are all jointed and he's about 3 inches tall (not counting legs, with tail he's a bit below 5 inches long). Chip is the 14th jointed clay doll I've made and the 2nd I've made with Bake & Bend.

The first progress shots I took! I snapped them real quick with my boyfriend's cellphone, so I could show a friend. Before this stage he looked pretty freaky, but once he got his eyes and nose he really started coming together.
What's been finished in these photos: body, head, green back marking, muzzle, eyes, nose, ears.

What new things have been finished: face and ear spots.

New things: arms, legs, green markings on arms & tail, arm & leg spots, back spots, tail spots, tail fur.

And finally, hair!!! I was worried I'd screw up the hair, as he looked so cute without it, but I'm thrilled at how it turned out! All that's left from this point is glazing, which I did not take any progress photos of.

After a night (and morning) full of many coats of Sculpey Satin Glaze, Chip is finished! He wasn't supposed to be this shiny (I think there was a problem with my glaze), but the extra shine makes his eyes more lifelike so its not that big a deal. :)


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