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Name: Alex
Gender: Male
Teen Personality
Alex Is Grumpy,Even If It's Hardly Seen In His Words...But When He's Alone,He Relaxs And Starts Doing Whatever He Want,Not Being Grumpy At That Lone Time
Friendly- Hard To Believe,But He Is Friendly,Even If He's Grumpy,"Problems?"Well,He's Most Likely Nice To Girls... But He May Be Nice Anytime,Especially To Those Who Are Nice To Him,But Beware His Grumpiness!
Adult Personality
Once Alex Grew,He Changed A Lot From When He Was Before,He Stopped Being Grumpy,And He Got More Traits
Friendly- He Really Became Truly Friendly,Not Like In His Teen Days
Loner- Alex Still Likes Staying Alone And Enjoying His Own Self Company.
-not done developing-
Story Of His Teen Ages:
-write here-
'Music,Music,Music,Did I Say Music Already?Bananas'
'Jokes...Parties...Dancing In Public...Singing In Public Too...The List Is Long So I'd Better Not Go On'
Theme Song:


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This Is Alex,My Kiamara <3

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