Kiamara Avatar Shop ||By; Mangoes||

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Kiamara Avatar Shop ||By; Mangoes||

Post by Mangoes on Wed Oct 09, 2013 7:14 pm

Welcome to my Kia Avatar Shop.
The first 3 orders are free, the rest cost an uncommon
on CS.
These are the lines I'm using, there are two different backgrounds to choose from (optional),
and you can add your name on the avatar too.

The Blue BG. If you want it insert 'blue' in
the 'background' section of the form.

The Striped Color BG. If you want this background, insert
'SC BG' in the 'background' section of your form.

Add your name on the avatar! We have different fonts and colors
to choose from! If you want this on your avatar, just insert 'I want my name on the
avatar!' in the 'other' section of your form.

THE FORM;; Fill this out to get an avatar!


Kia Ref;;

Only take what is yours. Do
not use an avatar that
doesn't belong to you.

Hello there <3
I'm Mangoes.

Feel free to shoot me a PM on here and on CS :3

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Re: Kiamara Avatar Shop ||By; Mangoes||

Post by Tori!(: on Tue Nov 26, 2013 4:53 pm

Username;; Tori!(:
Kia Ref;; Catobug
Background?;; blue
Items?;; None ;u;
Other?;; Thank you <3 :'D

Currently an owner of one kia(PPS) n-
amed Cato Bug <3 And one JBD Brendan :'D
I now own these beautiful boys below
from jensenaackles <3 Art by TakaNou
and BoxLlama ;u; <3

Mood; Excited - Happy
Where; Forest - Mountain
With; Summer Melody(Sister) - No one

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