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Post by ZombiePoodle on Thu Nov 21, 2013 11:37 pm

WIP no posting please <3

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Deer antlers.
Why ;;
Velveteen is named after the oxygen and nutrient producing layer that is seen when a deer's antlers are in growth, called velvet. When Velveteen was very young, her parents gave her a shed deer antler, the very first in her now large collection, and told her how she came to be named. Since then, Velveteen became fascinated by wild deer, and you might often find her scrounging the forest floor for a shed antler or two to add to her vast collection! She enjoys the different varieties of antlers that she finds in the woods, and she has lots of fun seeing if she could match a pair that had gotten separated. Her favorite antlers, though, are the few that have torn layers of velvet still attached, and she treasures these the most.
Velveteen can, more likely than not, be found sculpting her found treasures. Pertaining to the fact that she has no opposable thumbs, Velvet uses her sharp teeth to grind grooves into the hard bone. She spends hours a day creating her carvings, depicting an array of scenes, often with deer involved. Sometimes she creates little bone sculptures instead. Because of the time she spends on her carvings, she has become a bit of an introvert, but this has also been opportune for her carvings to become more skilled, and intricate.
Although Velvet enjoys carving and sculpting her prized antler sheds, her favorite thing to do with them is wear them. She will find a pair that match, or are similar, and tie them to her head, parading around as if she, herself, might be a deer! Sometimes, when she is feeling quirky, she might choose a pair of antlers that do not match at all, and tie them to her head as if they were the perfect pair, one obtusely large, and the other from a first year buck, sporting very few tines.
If you ever find a shed antler in the forest, stop by and say hello to Velveteen, and bring your gift. You might just make a friend that you will never forget!

ZombiePoodle & Velveteen (Major WIP -- NO POSTING please <3) Image

WIP no posting please <3

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