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Kiamara #387 help~ Empty Kiamara #387 help~

Post by Stray Dog on Fri Nov 29, 2013 2:52 am


So, okay, this here is my form for Kiamara #387, my second ever Kiamara application. I'm real attached to the guy - of whom I wish to name Narcotic Nightshade - and am desperately searching for artwork...

And, if you would like any of your Kiamara featured in my form, please do PM me/post here! As Narco has no close friends - or, really, no friends at all, in his opinion - and yet likes to socialise, I thought it'd be appropriate to get a fly comment or two from other people's Kiamara on what they think of N... can be positivie or negative, about a past experience with him or his personality or taste in music/hobbies/candy, etc...

Anywho! I'd love help to win my first dream Kia, will pay rares/very rares for art, and yeah...~

Kiamara #387 help~ Rarr_zpse38e8577
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