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Post by Mc Shizzle on Thu Feb 13, 2014 2:39 pm

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Mc Shizzle wrote:

My Username is Mc Shizzle but you can simply call me Shizz or whatever you really want, ive been trying for Kia's for a long time, but ive never won one, and im hoping to make this gorgeous boy my first. He is the first Kia i've really really connected to, so im goinng to be going all out. I cant get the hang of all the fancy coding everyone else does, so im just hoping the content and love i put into my form is enough to win you over :)

His name is Cosmo

Name Meaning:
:Cosmo basically means "order, harmony, beauty" This kia is a very harmonious and flowy guy who doesn't care... he's also very beautiful, if i should put it that way

Name Origin:
The word 'Cosmo' originates from Italy, being the name of a martyr and patron saint... he was a calm and very respected man, like Cossy is.

His nicknames are usually Cossy, Soso or Just Cos :') he doesnt really mind what people call him though :') He is honestly to laid back to really care about anything to be honest with you.

Cosmo is most definaley a male, a strong masculine gender - yet, he is rather effeminate sometimes... This doesn't stop the guy being, well, a guy though, does it xD

Cosmo is a young adult, probably equivalent to a 19 or 20 year old human :') He's definatley a 19/20 year old i'd love to meet xD

Cosmo is bisexual, he is attracted to males and females but swings more towards males... As mentioned in his personality as well though, he is just waiting for true love to find him, and will not go out to find it...

Cosmo's birthday is on October 23rd been as that was the day he was posted :) i think this would also be good as it will be a constant reminder of when, you, made this beauty enter my life :)

Born Where?:
Cosmo was born on a tropical island in the Bahamas, so was brought up with a tropical life style - his parents also chose the name for him because of this. He has heard Calypso music from birth due to this as well, so this may answer why he is so obsessed with it.

Cosmo likes a lot of things, from fruit smoothies to all things colourful. But his favourite thing in the world is his islands name sake... He adores Calypso music, he just can't help dancing to the beats and swaying to the sounds and voices that fill the air whenever it is played... Some call him crazy for it, but Cosmo loves the music so much... It is basically what makes him, him, and he bases his life and soul around the rhythm and flow of this beautiful music genre

This happy go lucky Kia doesnt really dislike much to be completley honest... There is one thinng he absolutely despises though, and that one thing is silence, he hates it. That absense of sound gets on his nerves. He cant stand it in the slightest. It makes the poor guy want to slam his head against a wall or table so he can hear SOMETHING at least, even if it does hurt a little... Then again, he'd probably just start humming or something, slamming his head into something is to much effort

Well, this is going to take a while, because honestly, Cosmo hasn't really got a set personality, it is hard to describe someone just based on a few words, but im going to give it a good go. Cosmo is a very confusing guy, with lots of aspects to his personality.

For Starts, Cosmo is a very laid back guy, he likes spending every day just going with the flow and doing what he needs to do as it comes to him. He wont rush to meet schedules, he wont fight queues to get somewhere first. No, none of that stuff, the only thing Cosmo does that isn't in the flow is his Capuera, and thats only because it can be done to his Calypso music.

If you couldn't tell already, Cosmo is all about his music, he adores it, he bases his life around it. He refuses to get an actual job if he can't play music and complains if there is no Calypso music playing at any point in his day. Calypso music has always influenced his life and actions and nobody can find any moral reason why. He's just adored it from the day he was born.

Cosmo can get anxious sometimes, usually for no reason, this doesn't happen often, but when it does he has attacks of anxiety, breathes heavily, shakes, curls in a ball and cries. There isn't usually a way to calm him down and he has to get out of this state on his own. This happens because of his mothers death 3 years back, it has permenantly scarred the young kia, and he cant seem to calm down whenever it happens...

Other than when he has his anxiety attacks, Cossy is never upset or sad in the slightest, he is like a ray of fun, always cheering up those around him. He is very friend and happiness induced, feeling he is friends with everyone and trying his hardest to make others happy if they dislike him. He doesnt have any idea of anything other than that, so seems sort of naive...

Cosmo is a dreamer. He is always dipsy, walking around humming pretty tunes or laying on the beach in the sun just thinking, he doesnt really do much else, unless he has to that is. He's one of those guys who will do anything if he is asked, but won't do anything if he isn't asked. Its not that he's lazy, he's just really laid back and care free, and prefers to just loose himself in the music and wander around aimlessly, imagining situations and things that he could have... He is much like his mother in that aspect as she was a dreamer as well...

When Cossy is doing his Capuera dancing he completely changes. He becomes fiery, powerful and intent on his goals, moving with such fines and flow he amazes all who watch him. This is the opposite to how he usually is, and brings out his power.

He is a very calm guy, never getting mad and laughing if anyone tries to fight with him... he just pushes them off and walks on his way, because he honestly can't be bothered with conflict, being a pacifist.

He is bisexual, and will take second glances if he thinks someone is good looking, but wont fall at there feet and bend to their every whim, he agrees with equality in relationships, and only being in one realtionship, he takes them as they come... he is quite happy to stay single his whole life if he has too, he wont go into a relationship unless he is sure it will last a very long time...Well, this is going to take a while, because honestly, Cosmo hasn't really got a set personality, it is hard to describe someone just based on a few words, but im going to give it a good go. Cosmo is a very confusing guy, with lots of aspects to his personality.

He is ALWAYS there to offer a shoulder to cry on if he has to, being a very huggy guy, he loves cuddles and will hug random people on the street when he gets the chance

Cosmo has a disorder Called ASD or Acute Stress Disorder - It is where he gets very anxious and stressed out due to a event that happened a few years back, These attacks happen every so often, the doctors said it would only last a year, but 4 years later and he is still suffering from it. The disorder arose when his mother, his lifeline and his savior passed away due to unknown causes... after that, he started having panic and anxiety attacks randomley and was soon diagnosed with ASD.

Feral form he stands about 3 ft at the shoulder, anthro form he stands about 6ft exactly from head to toe, so he is rather tall... Despite this, at times he can seem rather small, curling in a ball some of the time, it all depends on his mood and how you meet him to be honest.

He won't weigh himself, but lookking at him he looks of average weight, not underweight, not overweight, cuddly but not chubby... He has a little bit of chub on his belly because of his laid back attitude, but his capuera makes sure he doesn't get to fat

Eye Colour:
A gorgeous purpley pink colour that seems to sparkle in the sunlight... it matches the colour of a beautiful flower that hasn't quite bloomed fully, showing his somewhat soft and closeted side. they are always bright and full of life, apart from when he is ill, and they tend to dull some, but that doesnt happen often.

Hair Colour:
His hair is a perfect shiny dark blue with flares of aqua on some of the tips... it is always glossy and shimmery, and is suprisingly naturally dead straight, he doesn't have to do anything to it too get it to look perfect like it usually does...

Fur Colour:
His fur base coat is white with aqua/ turquoise and pink accents in it. It is always fluffy and soft to the touch, and somehow smells of mango most of the time

He doesn't fare any tattoos, he doesn't agree with permanent body modifications so wont tattoo himself, he thinks they do look good, but won't have any himself

None, he likes them on others but not on himself, maybe in the future though

Cosmo has one small scar under his mane above his left eye from where a coconut fell on his head when he was a young pup. it cannot be seen beneath his thick fur, so honestly doesn't bother him very much

Clothing Style:
He (as an anthro) usually wears casual clothes. His usual attire is a pair of black skinny jeans and a baggy motif tee that he can easily take off if he overheats. He also usually only wears these for comfort, so anything goes really, he never removes his feathers which are round his tail and neck :) His clothing style would be described as lazy or just as a casual guy due to the skinnny jeans, he wont wear baggy jeans as he doesn't want to trip on them... He has been seen wearing open shirts as this also keeps him cool

He is an only child, well that is what he's always been told, he isn't really sure though.

Cosmo doesn't have a pet, but does have a little macaw that sometimes sits outside his room and talks to him in the mornings. He calls it his pet but it has full freedom and relies on itself most of the time.

He was and always will be very close to both his parents, more so his mother. Sadly she has now passed away, but his dad has somehow taken on the mothering role for him. His parents play a large part in his life and he adores them both, yet he doesn't see his dad often as he is a fisherman and goes out on boat trips often

Best Friends:
N/A it's very easy for him to make friends though so this wont be like this for very long (if i win him) i'll be sure to roleplay him and get him loads of buddies

Cosmo isn't religious at all, he doesnt bother himself with religions, preferring to base his life around music rather than anything else. A religion would also mean followinng a schedule, which calypso can't do to save his life...

He doesn't have a crush on anyone at the moment, but he hasn't really met anyone he truly likes

None at the moment, he's single, looking for a true love and not a simple fling so may take a while to win his heart

Nada xD he doesnt agree with marriage without love and is looking for the right girl/guy so it may take a little while

Nope xD he isn't ready for kids yet, his laid back attitude would make for a terrible father figure at the moment as he is basically like a big kid himself :)


His only hobby is musical related, dancing like brazilian dance fighting called Capuera. this can be done to the tune of calypso music. so this makes Cos very happy as he can enjoy his own music whilst he dances and does his hobby... He took up capuera when he was a pup so has gotten very good at it as well as he done it for a rather long time

Cosmo doesn't partake in any sports other than dancing, he is a little bit laid back and lazy, so he doesnt do any sport if he really doesn't have to... because of this, he has a little bit of chub on his belly, but that honetly doesnt bother him much... it just makes him adorable

He only has one fear and that is going deaf. He is scared that if he goes deaf he wont be able to create or listen to music anymore, in turn, loosing who he is... Music is his life, and without it, he wouldn't be the calypso we know and love so much!

Cosmo was born into a loving family around 20 years ago. This was the first birth on the island he was born on for over 10 years, so everyone was extremely happy about the new, amazing coloured arrival. The island he was born on was known for its calypso music, famed for it! and somehow, Cosmo picked up the very soul of the music and connected to it from birth in a way that hadn't been seen before on any of the islands in the area. It was like he could really feel the music, as in, it was empowering him, and this amazed those who met him...

Now Cos wasn't a shy or nervous pup, and the attention didn't phase nor annoy him, but he didnt revel in it either. He tried his best with the help of his parents to live an ordinary childhood away from the fame of being the islands so called 'music whisperer'. He went outside of the family home whenever he got the chance, simply dancing along to the music or tapping his little paws on docks, bridges, walls, you name it. If it made a noise he'd tap away at it...

Because of this his parents enroled him in a Brazilian dance class called Capuera, which he excelled in, he was soon the best in the class. This was yet another one of his amazing skills... aside from his tree tapping an music whispering of course...

He learnt the hard way that this wasn't the best idea when he was about 10... tapping away at a coconut tree, somehow he managed to tap so hard that a coconut was dislodged from the tree, falling and smacking Cos in the forehead, knocking him out cold for two hours.... When he woke up he was in bed, his parents gathered around him with worried looks on there faces. It was that day that he learnt not to tap on trees unless he wanted another scar on his head...

After this everything went back to normal, his parents were still doting, as were the island folk, he carried on being amazing at his capuera dance, but that all changed when cos reached the age of 16...

He can still remember the day like it was yesterday... He'd woken up early, two days after he got his feathers from his mother, his dad was out fishing for lunch, so he decided to go see his mum. Walking into her room happily, he jumped onto the bed beside her to wake her, and she was, surprisingly cold... Freaking out, cos ran out into the town, yelling for help. People rushed into there home, Rushing his mother away into the local hospital... He never saw her again, and nobody had any explanation to what had happened to her, Cos blamed himself...

His dad didnt know until he returned home, and this broke the guys heart. Being the loving guy he was though, he took on the mothering role of Cos as well, trying his best to make sure the young boy was happy as he could be. The event had caused a significant black zone in Cos's life though, he developed ASD, suffering from random panic/anxiety attacks and breaking down crying.. sometimes he'd wake from bad dreams... the doctors ssaid it would last a month or two, but four years on its still happening...

He's now 20, still living with his dad and revelling in the music, he is trying to get a job, but his laid back attitude to life doesnt help that much... He's single and free, and thats just the way he likes it... Cos is a lovely kia, and he knows it... he tries his best to fit in, and truth is, it works...


Favourite Band:
He doesn't have a favourite band, but if he had to say something it would probably be John Denver, the guy might not perform anymore, but its the music that matters to Cosmo, the music john performs is what made cosmo want to be a calypso musician, and some of his songs are what cosmo lives by.

Favourite Colour:
His favourite colour is aqua, which is good because that is what one of his main coat colours is, so he is very very happy. He has always had a favouring for aqua as the first thing he saw was his mothers eyes, which were the same colour..

Favourite Food:
As said below, his favourite food is probably tropical fruit salad, which consists of apple, banana, mango, melon, pineapple, coconut and other fruits like guava... he has a major sweet tooth for any fruit, and was brought up on a tropical island, so adores tropical fruits most.

Favourite Food Place:
Probably a little coconut shack on the island he calls home as they sell the tropical fruit salad which he adores so damn much... if not he would probably just say the trees by his house, he has a trick where he knocks the tree with his side and fruit falls down, which is what happened when he got his scar as a pup.

Favourite Animal:
his favourite animal is the red macaw. The reason for this is because it is a beautiful creature and it is so intelligent. he is just amazed by them. he also thinks its cool how they can talk his languge so well, and will spend a long time just sitting there talking to them

His Idol is the Calypso musician John Denver, he respects the guy more than anything and his aim in life is to be like him

Favourite Number:
He loves the number 0 as it is an anomaly and he sees himself as an anomaly so relates with the number.


Favourite Thing:
His favourite thing in the world is his feathers

the reason for this is that his mother gave them to him just before she died, so they are very precious to him, he wont let anyone touch them or he'll flip out.

Something he wont leave without:
His Maracas

He wont leave without his maracas as he can always play music if he has them on him. This means that he can always have a beat to move to, meaning he can listen to it anytime, anywhere and just chill out and enjoy himself if he is ever stressed out.

his accesories are only his feathers. The reason for this is because he doesn't want anything restricting, he wants to be able to dance and move whenever and wherever he is. So doesnt want anything that will restrict the flow of his movements.


Theme Song:
His Theme song is 'True Colours' By All time low - Here The reason it is his theme song is because it is all about being true to yourself and not letting others people influence who you want to be. Cosmo is always true to himself, so this song fits him well

Favourite Song:
His favourite song is Calypso by John Denver because the lyrics are really pretty and meaningful.
"To sail on a dream on a crystal clear ocean, to ride on the crest of the wild raging storm.
To work in the service of life and the living, in search of the answers to questions unknown.

His catchphrase is "Go with the flow of the rhythm in your heart" he lives by it, so its more of a motto than anything else... it basically means to do everything spontaneously and to follow your heart whenever and wherever you can...


His song - made by me on UJam

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