☆ Kiamara Blind Dates ☆

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☆ Kiamara Blind Dates ☆

Post by kibbleeCat on Sun Apr 06, 2014 4:51 pm

hello, and welcome to Kiamara blind dates! the title pretty much explains it all. there are, however, some rules.

matches will me made on May first!!

• no whining over your kiamara's match. if there is a serious issue, however, feel free to PM me.
• microkias may join, too!
• all sexualities are allowed
• be kind!
• words like hell and crap are allowed, but please nothing that people may find too offensive
• all ages are welcome, but I wouldn't recommend using a baby/child. it's up to you, though.

that's it!! more rules may be added later if needed

 [b]username •[/b]
[b]micro/kiamara name and ref •[/b]
[b]gender •[/b]
[b]sexuality •[/b]
[b]short personality •[/b]
[b]other •[/b]

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Entering "Voir" The "MicroKiamara"

Post by cupcake frosting on Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:00 pm

    username • portal. i'm cupcake frosting on chickensmoothie.
   micro/kiamara name and ref • Voir - Here
   gender • Female
   sexuality • Bi
   short personality • Bouncy and bubbly, but has anger problems. She gets depressed when her friends (or any other microkia) dislikes her.
   other •
cupcake frosting
cupcake frosting

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Entering Nikki and Brooklyn

Post by mana ducke on Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:38 pm

username • mana ducke
kiamara name and ref • Brooklyn
gender • Female
sexuality • Heterosexual, bi-curious
short personality •
Country girl, carefree, flirty, loves the outdoors (I don't have much written yet quq")
username • mana ducke
kiamara name and ref • Nikki
gender • Female
sexuality • Bisexual
short personality •
Gamer, imaginative, lazy (I don't have much written yet quq")
profile pages
mana ducke
mana ducke

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Re: ☆ Kiamara Blind Dates ☆

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