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The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Empty The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING }

Post by Lady Masquerade on Tue Jan 01, 2013 8:28 pm


This is my Kiamara thread! I currently only have one Kiamara, but I'm quite happy with that. ^-^
More information will go here when I can get it, I'm quite busy lately.

Table of Contents ;
. Reina
. Aylaya
. Seth

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The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Empty Reina ; The Blind Artist

Post by Lady Masquerade on Sat Jan 05, 2013 7:48 pm

The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Create.php?text=Reina&name=English_
The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Create.php?text=the%20queen&name=Braille%20New
The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Image

    { username } • lady masquerade.
    So yup, I'm Lady Masquerade. I'm sure you've seen me around often, Blue, considering I'm on the JBD chat and you made me gift art. I think I would be a bit offended if you didn't recognize my name. xD But I've been on CS since 2009, so I know my way around. I'm smart and I'm online a lot, so if I was to have this beautiful girl, I would take lovely care of her.

    { name } • reina.
    The name Reina came to me as soon as I saw her. It seemed to fit her well. Reina means "queen" which only makes her more perfect in my opinion. It'll go well with her story and the personality I have in mind for her. The name itself is also very delicate and beautiful. When I look at her, I couldn't imagine her name being anything else. Reina just clicks.

    { gender } • female.
    Even if we had the choice to pick the gender, I would have to go with female. She just looks so beautiful and regal, also delicate. Seeing her as a male? It just wouldn't work. It also wouldn't be good for my story and everything I have planned. She is lovely as a female, and I wouldn't change her gender at all.

    { personality } • peaceful. smart. reserved. dreamer.
    On the outside, Reina is a target. She looks shy and insecure, holding her head to the ground in shame, it seems. Shame because she isn't as good as others, because she wasn't born as perfect as hoped for. Others often talk behind her back and make fun of her because she can't see. They purposely push pebbles and rocks in front of her, hoping that she'll trip over them. To them she is a hopeless cause, one who can't be trusted and one who will probably die of earlier then the others.
    Of course, they are all wrong.
    Reina is aware of everything they do, and what they think of her. She may look like she doesn't understand, but she does. She just doesn't care. She holds her head to the ground because she is tracking something interesting, or because she hears something and is challenging herself to find out what it is. She knows she isn't perfect, but Reina doesn't mind this. She is a peaceful Kiamara with a kind heart that no one has been able to reach yet. Because one of her senses is closed, her others are open and acute. She can hear those who push the pebbles out in front of her, and she can smell them, too. She knows how to ignore and walk over the blockers, and knows that karma will get back at them later. It shows that Reina is much smarter then others take her for, which is good. Let them think less of her, that way they'll be surprised when her true strength comes out.
    Reina also doesn't talk much. She isn't exactly shy, she's just more reserved. Giving out your name is like giving up your greatest strength. When others don't know things about you, they can't use anything against you. Reina knows this, for she is a dreamer and puts a lot of effort into her thoughts, since she hears the voice in her head more then her actual voice.

    { status } • taken,.
    Reina is mates with Aleron, the grumpy, floppy eared, sweetheart owned by BlueAura.
    { story } • the start off wasn't easy.
    Reina was the first born, surprisingly. Her parents weren't owned, they lived out in the wild. Reina's mother, Boria, was lucky to have given birth to two healthy pups. Both had gorgeous designs and their parents couldn't be more proud, considering they were the leaders of the small pack they had. The first born was named Reina, which meant queen. She seemed a bit smaller then her brother, but considering she was the first to come into the world, she seemed like a good pick for the future leader. Reina's brother wasn't thought of much.
    It didn't take long for the tables to turn.
    When the pups opened their eyes, Boria was shocked. Her lovely Reina had eyes like glass, a clear crystal blue. Her brother had dark blue eyes. From the start, their mother could tell something was wrong with Reina, who didn't seem to know where she was going whenever she walked around. She always looked distance, and became confused when her sibling pounced on her or when Boria would speak. She would prick her ears and move her head around, as if trying to figure out where the noise came from. Sometimes she look in Boria's direction, but the upset mother always knew that Reina wasn't actually able to see her. As much as it hurt her, she came to one sad conclusion.
    Reina was blind.
    Any other mother would take their blind pup and leave it out where it would quickly die off. Or drop it in a lake to drown. But Boria wasn't any other mother. She was the alpha female of this pack, and her kind heart just wouldn't let her do such a thing. She would have to deal with the facts and understand that her daughter would grow up in a difficult world, one that she could no longer be the queen for. Her brother would have to take on the rank instead, and since Reina was a daughter of the alphas, she would be able to stay as a member in the pack. It seemed like the end of her blind daughter's happy life.
    Of course, her reign had only just begun.
    Years had gone by since that horrible day, and Reina had grown much older. She had learned a few skills that would help her, the rest she taught herself. Her brother only came by when her parents were around. Other then that, he was like something that had died and was no longer around. Reina didn't seem to mind this though. She liked being on her own, away from her brother's side and her parents eyes and her pack mates rude comments. If she could even all them pack mates.
    Besides, Reina had her own friends to stay with. She didn't need the Kiamaras in her pack.
    During both sunrise and sunset, Reina liked to wander off into the forest. Her mother, Boria, knew that her daughter went off, but didn't tell anyone. If someone asked, which was rare, she would say that her daughter is going to fetch her something, and will be back soon. She made sure no one followed Reina, since she understood that her daughter probably wanted her space. Time to think and be herself.
    Boria was right.
    Reina would use her open senses and work her way around the forest. She could hear well and smell well, and her sense of touch was a lot better then others. So she always knew where she was going. This was a good thing, since Reina always had one place in mind where she liked to go to. She had certain scent markers and feeling markers to help guide her to her destination, and it never took long for her to reach the secluded part of the forest. The ground always seemed softer there, and there was a few trees and some patches of flowers that made for a nice place to rest. There was a creek filled of fish, and some pebbles along it. Everything here made her happier.
    Then of course, there was her friend.
    Around a year back Reina had found a baby bird. She could tell what it was by scenting and listening to the creature. She also felt it's feathers and sharp beak. Since she was gentle and kind hearted, Reina took care of the small bird the best she could, letting it fly off when it was ready. She never expected the bird to come back, but it always did. Sometimes she wouldn't be there when it would come, but she could tell it had arrived because of the scent and the feathers that it seemed to leave behind. She used these feathers for her own attire, and liked to wear them around. She loved this place, and planned on visiting it whenever she could.
    She may never be the queen of the outside world, but here, in the inside world, she would always be queen.
    { art } • By Mango Sherbet, By Night_Phantom, By ANG3RED ANG3L, By Redbarrysmoothie, By KeeraLoukiba, By Woody~, By Nikkie, By BlueAura~, Bye Apple, By bold4195, Chibi Form, By bold4195
    The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Reina_zps6ac44de7
    By TabbyBy BlueAura

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The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Empty Aylaya ; The Ice Princess

Post by Lady Masquerade on Mon Feb 11, 2013 6:47 pm

The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Create.php?text=Aylaya&name=Promocyja096
The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Image

    The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Albinopx_zpsf9d526c9{ username } • lady masquerade.
    I will light you on fire if you don't reconize who I am, missy. xD But for the others reading this who don't know, I'm Lady Masquerade. I've been here since 09 and I currently own one other Kiamara, my lovely Reina. I'm hoping to get this girl and add her to my Kia family. <3
    The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Albinopx_zpsf9d526c9{ name } • aylaya.
    As you could tell from my spazz rambling on the chat, I was having a very hard time picking a name for this girl. She's so beautiful, I wanted to find a name that really fit. When Patches suggested Aylaya, I kept it in my mind and thought it was pretty, but wanted to keep looking. After a while I just kept thinking of the name, and it stuck. She'd be my little Laya. c:
    The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Albinopx_zpsf9d526c9{ gender } • female.
    I think I would be very concerned if you allowed us to pick this sexy girl's gender. But even if you did, I would have made her a girl anyway. Without the hair she looks like a gorgeous girl ready to cause some trouble and bring it into the world. She's so beautiful and dainty looking at first, but you can tell that she packs a big punch. I love it so so much. ouo
    The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Albinopx_zpsf9d526c9
    The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Albinopx_zpsf9d526c9{ why I want her } • who wouldn't want her?
    Gosh I could go on and on as to why Aylaya has pulled me in and attracted me, and why she stole my heart as soon as you posted a picture of her on the chat. I see so much in her, and even though it was hard coming up with a name for her, it's all set to me now and I'm ready to go. I can see a story and history through her eyes perfectly, letting me understand her right away. I'm itching to type her entire history up but I know that I want to start on other things of her form first, since this competition won't end for a while.
    I've been wanting a character that contrasted from the usual things I like. I'm more into shy, quiet, and reserved characters. You can see proof of this thanks to my roleplay characters, fursona, and my current Kiamara, Reina. However, when I saw this girl I knew in my head exactly what I wanted to do with her. She would be very different from my usual style, and I'm so excited to write down her personality and everything.
    Another reason I really want this girl, a reason your probably aware of, is that fact that she's albino. Gahhh Blue I love you and hate you so much for this. Albino things are my life. Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted to become albino myself. The pinkish eyes and the frosted white hair is like a dream come true to me. Especially curled hair. I'm unsure if you've ever seen the human form of my fursona, named Ivory. She's a albino girl with pinkish eyes and curly white air. Probably my dream self. So having this amazing Kiamara would make my day, considering she is everything I look for in a good Character. That doesn't mean I don't love Reina. Gaah no Reina is a dream come true. But having Aylaya and Reina would really make up for some of the crappy things happening lately. cx <3

    The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Albinopx_zpsf9d526c9{ what I'll do if I get her } • we all know what I'd do, I'm that craycray.
    Well I think that the first thing I would do is fun around the house screaming like a little girl who just got her first coloring pack or something. Because when I was little I loved drawing and whatnot. So I'd run around the house until my brother joined me, my mother yelled at me, and my sister questioned my nature oddly. And considering I live on a military base, I think the navy would come in with guns, cornering me and trying to figure out what strange creature just entered the atmosphere and why. After I show them that I won Aylaya, they'll start doing the same thing. I'll take a video, I promise.
    Next I would probably post on the fanclub and on the Kiamara website. Not to mention I would go on the JBD Chat and flaunt around there. I'd make sure I don't boast or act cocky though, I hate when other people do that and would really dislike I was targeted or marked as the same thing. It would be so horrible and make me regret winning this girl, because that's not how a winner acts.
    After that I would put all her information on my character thread right next to Reina. I'd be squeeing on the inside with joy now coming to realize that I actually have two Kiamaras, and both are so darn beautiful. It would just be a wonderful dream come true. Two lovely girl JBDs, and two lovely girl Kias. What more could a user possibly ask for? Nothing, probably. That's how I would think while setting her up on the thread.
    After that I would be opening two tabs and doing two things at once. I'd be roleplaying here, which oh I can't wait to do if I win her. She has such a unique and interesting personality for me, and it would be super fun to roleplay someone who is the total opposite of Reina. I also imagine that if this girl got anywhere near Eva when roleplaying it would result in a very amusing experiance. And around guys..Can you imagine? Oh goodness I'd die laughing while roleplaying Aylaya. I can just picture her waltzing up to Embargo acting like a flirt and then giving a disgusted look once she finds out he's already with Ambrosia. Oh and poor Aleron. Can you imagine her making him uncomfortable? That would be so funny. Reina would have to follow her around and yell at her, what an amusing nightmare that would be. cx
    While roleplaying Aylaya I would also be ordering more art from her. I imagine many will make art of her for this competition, but some people wouldn't want me to keep it because they would be upset, ya' know? So I'd feel the need to hunt down more art of her from other arists. Maybe some art of her and Reina together that I can keep in my sig. Oh that would be adorable. 83

    The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Albinopx_zpsf9d526c9{ personality } • flirty. girly. cocky. sassy.
    Aylaya is that typical girly girl all wrapped up into one. She is the queen of things in her own world and loves to make sure that she is the queen of other's worlds. Anyone who dislikes her is considered a challenge, because this girl can get very determined. Everyone must like her, that's how it is. In her world, there is only two types of people. Those who like her, and those who are scared of her because she picks on them. But only she gets to pick who gets to like her and who doesn't. Reina doesn't of course, Aylaya just doesn't approve of that Kiamara and probably never will. That's alright though, in her mind she doesn't need a blind Kiamara on her side. She goes much better with everyone else. Kiamaras who can actually see her beauty.
    To start off, Aylaya is very flirty. She takes pride in this, and can't understand why another wouldn't flirt around a guy they happen to meet that is cute. Sure, there are some males that just aren't worth you time. However Aylaya likes to be "nice" and point out all their horrid flaws so later on in life they know how to handle things with a girl. A girl that's not Aylaya though, she's too good for them in her mind.
    Along with being flirty, Aylaya is a typical girly girl. She has to have everything perfect, in her own way, or else it isn't right. Her fur must constantly be clean and her hair must be how it is supposed to be. Her claws mustn't ever have dirt in them, and she freaks out when she has dirt in her own fur, or spots someone else who is dirt. You must always be presentable for Aylaya's eyes, and if your dirty, your not presentable and don't deserve to have her eyes on you.
    Aylaya is also very cocky and sassy. She believes that the world revolves around her and isn't afraid to snap or bite at others that say otherwise. No one else deserves to be as great as her. No one seems to share her skills or beauty, for she is the Aphrodite of the Kiamara world. She, in her mind, will always be the most beautiful and amazing. More amazing then anyone else. If someone tries to proove her wrong, Aylaya will turn into a more darker version of her white self.
    To put it simply, Aylaya is pure in color but seems to be black in heart.

    The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Albinopx_zpsf9d526c9{ story } • first there was maxine.
    Aylaya didn't start out with her current name, for she changed it later on in life. When she was first born, her mother named her Maxine, though a nickname was Max. There wasn't much thought behind the name, it was just a simple name that seemed to click inside of her mother's mind even before the pups were born. Maxine's mother was sure she'd have only one pup, and was hoping it would bring joy to the whole pack. She and another female were the only to get pregnant over the winter, which was actually a very lucky thing in these Kiamara's lives. There pack was small and there was many sufferings around the forest they lived in.
    of course, the sufferings never stopped.
    When Maxine was born, her mother was in shock. Outside her den she could hear the sounds of Kiamaras going into see the pups of the other mother, letting out squeaks of joy and pround purrs. When anyone tried coming in to see Maxine, her mother growled until they went off. She didn't want others to see her small, frail, and white daughter. After a while, others made rumors and wondered if Maxine's mother actually had any pups with her at all, and guessed that it must have died off.
    when they saw maxine, they wished she had died off.
    Everyone was stunned when she learned that Maxine was actually alive, and looked nothing like her parents. Her mother was too nervous to say a thing and just stared at the ground, while her mate let out a gasp of shock, probably disgust too. Maxine was too wonderstruck by everything to care, of course. She bounced around, trying to sniff at packmembers and the other new babies, who all swiftly recoiled and pushed her away.
    maxine's mother begged them to let her stay.
    It took tons of begging, but the pack finally decided that it would be alright if Maxine stayed for a bit. But if she harmed anyone, or if there were any complaints, she would be out in a heartbeat. This of course, brought some difficult things. Maxine lost her father right away, for he refused to be related to his daughter, and he no longer wanted to be the mate of her mother. Both mother and daughter lost any high ranks and were now at the bottom. They ate last, drank last, didn't get comfortable sleeping spots, and got no respect.
    when maxine got older, she decided she had taken enough.
    Maxine got up one night, too troubled to sleep. She rarely ever got sleep at night, it was usually the time she was awake. Maxine liked to sleep during the day and hide off somewhere in the forest until sun set, that way she wouldn't be pestered by everyone in the pack. After gazing at the full moon for a bit, Maxine's gaze seemed to harden.
    I am pure, I am superior to them
    With a snort, Maxine left her pack. Her mother had already died over the months, and Max felt that tonight was the perfect night to leave. The pack would be better off without her anyways. She was too good for them, and they were only bringing her down. Maybe she'd go rogue for a bit or join a different pack. Whatever the option, she needed change.
    it took some months.
    Maxine traveled for a while, meeting different packs and Kiamaras. Each time she went, they were all amazed by her stunning pink eyes and glowing white fur. She claimed that she was a gift, child, and spirit of the moon. Surprisingly, they all believed it, for they had never seen a Kiamara like her before. She never shared her name though, so the packs always gave her one. Luna, Cinda, Aphrodite, all were names that they claimed to call her. She brushed these names off, they were too simple and too common. She was much too good and special for those names, and needed something more.
    when she heard the name aylaya, it stuck.
    It came as an accident. One of the young kids called her "a Layla" as if saying she was one who carried that name. Instead, it sounded like Aylaya, and that's how the same came. The white female then decided she would carry on that name, and pass on her "shining glory" to everyone.
    The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Albinopx_zpsf9d526c9{ note } • yeaaah a small note
    I had to add this, I just had too. I'm sort of rushing since mom stole the comp and took out valuble time. Anyways, I really love this girl. She's like a dream come true for me. Her colors, the curled hair, being albino, everything about her is so amazing and stunning, it tugs at my heart. I'm sorry I wasn't able to draw tons of art pieces, and wasn't able to spiff up my form like some people have it. I really tried my best, and I'm not going to lie, the weeks were tough. I'm not looking to tell a sob story, but I don't want you to read through my form and feel like it has no effort put into it. My parents told me a couple days ago they wanted a divorce, which sort of crumbled my world a bit. I've had lots of stress on my for this past week, so it's been really hard. I was hoping to order art from sketchi, and maybe art from a few other people. Obviously, it couldn't happen. I just really love this girl, and I feel like if I didn't include this part of the form, I'd feel like I've lost something. I just felt like explaining how much I really do love her. Even though my form isn't the biggest or the longest or the most detailed, I really put a lot of effort into it and it would be a dream come true if I happened to win her. I just had to let this out, words can not express how much I adore her.
    The Masquerade Ball { My Kiamaras ; PLEASE NO POSTING } Albinopx_zpsf9d526c9{ art } • get ready for the derp of all sexyness.
    Eee a lil Aylaya pixel <33
    This is a fat lil chibi gift by Apple. Love her. ;^;
    This is a gorgeous sexy arts by Patches. Go love on her too ;u; <33
    By Swagzilla
    By Swagzilla
    Katniss Odair
    Art Art Art
    Art by Jaded. My sister got me this from her.
    Art by OneSoldier on dA
    Art by IchiharaAmaya on dA
    More art by onesoldier
    Art by MoodyShooter on dA
    Art by Ask-BriarlightofTC on dA
    Art by Slither-Of-Moonlight on dA
    By Dewey
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    Kaytlintroll Penelope ♥
    lovenature100 Nixie.
    ~Drizzle~ keely5436
    keely5436 <3 tea time at six.
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