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Post by Faith on Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:57 am

This is Vienna my Kiamara ^^
My Kiamara Vienna Image

(Don't feel like typing this right now -n-)
Eventhough it may not seem like it, she does find joy in some things. Vienna doesn't exactly have a favorite food since she is more into sight not so much taste. She loves clouds and the way that they are unique individually. They are probably what she loves most about the world. Vienna isn't very fond of the night but she does love some of the critters that roam about. Especially fireflies. Other than fireflies, she also likes butterlies. Vienna has a very creative soul and that's the reason she loves clouds so much. You can easily use your imagination to form the clouds to your own view. She loves to paint and usually paints when she isn't watching the clouds.
On a rainy evening, a small Kiamara was born by the name of Vienna. Being the only child, she was beautifully loved by her parents. By the age of 2 she recieved two feathers. They belonged to one of her oldest ansestors and originally there was 5 feathers but after awhile of passing down from generation to generation, some were misplaced.

Her parents would always take Vienna with them everywhere. Anywhere they were, she was there. They used to call her their shadow since she was always right next to them. She loved her parents. They were all she had and the only ones that truley understood her. Though, it's not like she spent all her time with her parents. She would also hang out with some Kiamaras she knew pretty well.

One day, a totally unexpected gift arrived. His name was Tanier and he was Vienna's new little brother. He was the cutest little thing with beautiful green eyes and soft cream fur. Vienna tried to teach him everything she knew but he never really payed attention. He was always off playing and goofing around with other little Kiamaras. Tanier was a very social one. Always friendly and caring to other children.

As Tanier got older he became very adventurous and was willing to try or do anything. This mentality soon creates a problem that breaks this loving family. Tanier had a crush on a female Kiamara and so did another guy. As a joke, Tanier and this guy did a challenge of multiple competitions to compete against one another to see who is best for this girl. The first rounds were simple but then the last and final round became the most tragic of all. The last round was to see who could hold their breath the longest underwater. The two were currently tied and this round would break the match. Tanier was very competitive so he was determined to win. They both went under and waited to see who would give up. Everyone there was watching closely and waiting for someone to come up. Suddenly a rip current pulled Tanier. He quickly tried to fight it off and swim away but it was too late. He wasn't able to.

After Tanier's death, nothing was the same. Everyone, including Vienna was in shock. That he was just there and then gone. This was around the time Vienna started having interests in clouds. It was the only thing she would do since her parents were so depressed and didn't leave to do anything anymore. Eventually, her parents died of old age. Her mother first and then her father. Leaving her, alone. Since then, she has always strayed away from happiness because she feels that she shouldn't be able to be happy and that being happy would mean to forget what happened which isn't easy for her at all.


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