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Rules and Guidelines - Take a Look Before You Post Empty Rules and Guidelines - Take a Look Before You Post

Post by apple on Mon Aug 06, 2012 7:46 pm

Please, try not to get too off-topic; we don't want this locked for off-topic discussion, do we?
Please do not spam any threads, comments like "Urggh I just HATEHATEHATE Kiamaras :ccccc!!!!!!" or "bump :D :D :D " are not needed ^^"
Please don't mini-mod, the staff are capable of doing their job here as well. I'll also be checking around for spam and off-topic posts.
Please don't rant about not getting your wanted Kiamara, a simple "I didn't win but it went to a great owner, they deserve it c: Looking out for a new one that will steal my heart<3" will be more than enough.
Please do not steal anyone else's Kiamara.
Please do not steal the species.
Please be respectful, polite and considerate at all times. If you see someone who broke a rule, gently remind them. A staff or I will then check to see if they have broken a rule.
I will add more if it is neccessary, but for now, you have read them all (hopefully) :3
The official adoptables thread can be found here .
Please read through those rules as well!

If you have any further questions, don't be afraid to ask me or one of my staff for guidance. C:

PLEASE DO NOT MESS WITH THE GALLERY. I have not fully figured it out yet. xD

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