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[My Kiamara] Slushie

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[My Kiamara] Slushie Empty [My Kiamara] Slushie

Post by air. on Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:23 pm

[My Kiamara] Slushie Create.php?text=Slushie&name=Medrano
[My Kiamara] Slushie Image

[My Kiamara] Slushie Create.php?text=Name&name=Medrano

[My Kiamara] Slushie Create.php?text=Gender&name=Medrano

[My Kiamara] Slushie Create.php?text=Disabilites&name=Medrano
Blind, but she can sense.

[My Kiamara] Slushie Create.php?text=Relationship&name=Medrano
Dating Woody

[My Kiamara] Slushie Create.php?text=Personality&name=Medrano
Slushie is very nice, She would usually befriend most people. She is not shy at all. Unless shes around her crush. Slushie can be very sensitive and takes comments seriously. But she would never be mean unless she has no other choice.

[My Kiamara] Slushie Create.php?text=Art&name=Medrano
Lines by Berkshire l Colored by Me
Lines by WhiteFire Raven l Colored by Me
Art by Berkshire
Art by Bold

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[My Kiamara] Slushie Empty Re: [My Kiamara] Slushie

Post by Kimbone on Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:44 am

You have a pretty Kamara there(:

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