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Post by Glomp on Sun Mar 10, 2013 4:14 pm

Greetings, you may call me Glomp or Aim, whichever. OR you may think up nicknames, though I would prefer to be informed about them before use. Because.. I may not know you are referring to me. I can be slow. x]

I wouldn't be fooled with my manner right now if I were you, I can be hyper and very, very, weird.
I got a bow for a late Christmas present, first one and haven't fired it yet. I have to get an arm guard.. soon. I have the arrows though. And a haystack.
I also have a snake. He's a rough green snake. He's nice. (Technically I have no idea if it's a boy or a girl but I call him a he. x])

Alright! There you have it, a bit about me. Not much, just a bit.
I am mainly here because I won the lovely #120. <33 She's is my dream kia. Well, wait, I guess I never really dreamed about kiamaras so I guess that isn't literal, that or she wasn't my dream one..? /shot ^ See, weird. xD/

May, Kiamara #120;
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Designed by none other than Faith.

Anyway, back to the point. I wasn't really stalking these, I looked at them every once in a while but didn't intend on getting one. I just thought there were cute. But then I saw May. Instant love.
I nearly missed the deadline, I am super at that, but I managed to win her, which I still sometimes doubt. It was so amazing. <33

Well, I wanted to found her friends and stuff, though I would prefer to roleplay out how they met before saying they are friends and I need to polish her personality before roleplaying... heh. I should do that soon.
I am also looking for family members, aunts and uncles especially. Many of which should also be introduce in roleplay, though some will be closer if it is alright with the owner of the kia.
(If you would like to set up anything for when her info is up, please PM me.)

I hope that you didn't get lost in my rambles, I seem to do that a lot it seems. Oops, this was also supposed to be shortish... Erm.
Er, well, have a good day.

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