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Post by PolarAzulTigris on Sat Mar 16, 2013 8:35 pm

Anyway I suppose I should introduce myself.
I've been into Kiamaras for a short period of time, most likely three or so months. I've grown to know Apple more as an artist through JBD's but I've seen her around well before that as well. I have been getting more interested in Kia's the more she speaks about them really. And so I've been swayed to finally join up to the fan club. Though its nice to be here.

I'm a bit older than most folks, being about 27. I work in a cafe job and have a hobby of being an artist. My work is hard and I barely have time for myself but that's what happens when you live on your own. I reside in Phoenix Az, which you will constantly hear me complain about. I do all sorts of art, digital and traditional, though obviously I'm not a human artist by any means. I also paint miniatures and well canvas's when I have the time.
My favorite colors in order are Blue, gold, silver and green. In that order.
I live with my fiancee of four years named Joey; otherwise known as HiveFleetBazha.
I'm a tiger Therian and dragon otherkin.
My Fursona is a mixed big cat species.
At my work it demands me to know food inside and out, catering, and I'm often on my feet for long periods of time each day. I have my own apartment, and I own a cat named Arcadia.
I also am into Warcraft, warhammer and some marvel/dc comments.
I'm a big Thor/batman fan.
I'm also a moderator for jbds.
My real name is Crystal but usually I'm called Polar, Pat, or Tigris depending.
Rose is my Fursona's name. ;3
You can call me by any of these things.
Polar The Tiger 29974911
Arcadia <3
Polar The Tiger Img_0010

I can't think of anything else but if you have any questions feel free to ask here. ;3

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