~Downn's Kiamaras~

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~Downn's Kiamaras~

Post by Downn on Fri May 24, 2013 6:48 pm


Welcome to Downn's kiamaras.
This is where my kias reside.

My current Kiamaras are as follows:

Coded ♂
Henley Reeves ♀ (originally Eos ♀)
Avalon ♀
Oblivion ♂

Kiamara pages wil be in the order they are in up there. ↑

And yes, I did just paste my forms. Because I'm lazy xD

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Post by Downn on Fri May 24, 2013 6:48 pm


Coded ~ his essence is made up of code, so there is no better name. His nickname is just Code.


Coded is. . . crafty(pun intended!). He hides amongst monsters such as creepers in game, waiting for poor, helpless gamers to cross his path. Yes, Coded is, indeed, in game. But that story comes later. . . You will see. Code is extremely smart; he will lure players into dark caves, where they will become lost and eventually starve or become overwhelmed by mobs. He never attacks them; just sends them to their doom. But, he wasn't always like this. . .

Short History
"K&EA9R$JF, wait!"

"C'mon, IEH@0%V! A little exploring won't hurt!" The kiamara slowly examined the looming entrance to the dark cave; the other kia stood off to the side, staring nervously at the abandoned mine. "You shouldn't go in," it warned.

"Sorry, but I'm going. There is adventure to be found!"

The foolish kia stepped into the shadows. He traveled deeper into the mine, deeper, deeper. . .

A loud crash resounded through the tunnel. The mine. . . it was collapsing! The kia ran, deeper still into the cave, charging forward, not knowing where he was going. There was no light, and he was trapped inside this vein running through the ground. Suddenly, the dirt above him fell in, and he just barely jumped out of the way.

After that, all this kia remembers is darkness. Yes, a rock fell from the cave ceiling and hit him in the head.

The kia woke up to a long, drawn out hissing sound. He looked up. A monster stood in front of him. . . a creeper. But where was he? His dazed mind couldn't process it. As he glanced around, he realized everything around him was blocky. The stone, the dirt; and he was in a mine. Just like the mine he had foolishly run through, which had collapsed. . .

The kia felt angry. From then on, he followed the creepers and monsters of the cave, helped them by luring people to them. As he stayed in this world of blocks, the kia became a part of it, embedded deep into it's code. From then on, he was known as Coded. From then on, he was a monster. From then on, he lured people into the darkness of the mine, stole them away from the sunlight, sent them to meet their doom in a cave. . . just as he had the day he set foot in the abandoned mine.

This is how he became part of the game. This is how Coded became the most feared thing in the world of Minecraft.
Once he entered the world of blocks, this kia's memories were wiped to code. He no longer remembered his name, nor the name of his friend(or was it his sibling? Parent, maybe?) that warned him not to go into the abandoned mine. They were turned to code that he couldn't understand.

Of course, he no longer is stuck there. He has now 'respawned' back to the kiamara world, and forgot ALLLL of this.

Just some pixel art. . . 'cause you know. . . Minecraft, pixels. Bleh.

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Henley Reeves

Post by Downn on Fri May 24, 2013 6:49 pm

(she's the only one with a transparent version lol)

Now y o u see m e . . .
"Can we get this over with? I have a place I need to be."

U s e r n a m e ;;
Hello, I'm Downn. You may or may not have seen me around the fan club, fan forum, and other places. I currently own three other kiamaras.
May I start out by saying that this gal caught my eye the second I saw her. I was quite afraid to try, however, due to me being on vacation and not having a lot of time to complete this form. But in the end, me and my big ideas won out, and I have decided to compete. After all, I can forgive myself for losing, but I could never forgive myself for not trying.

"I thought you said this would be quick. . ."

N a m e ;;
I would name this kia Henley Reeves. She would go by Henley, of course.
I have named her after the woman by the same name in the movie Now You See Me. If you have not seen it yet, I highly suggest watching it-- it's a great movie. And don't worry, there are no spoilers in my form!
If you haven't seen the movie, the gist is this; a group of magicians use 'magic' to steal money from various places. But, it's all about deception, timing, and focusing the audience's attention somewhere besides where the real trick is happening. The real trick could have happened long before the time you see it, somewhere far away.
Henley Reeves is one of the magicians, and when I saw this kiamara, I couldn't help but be reminded of her. So, there you have it; the naming of Henley.
A few of her nicknames would be Hen and Reeves.

"That's right, I'm Henley. And, uh, why would anyone ever want to call me Reeves? What kind of nickname is that, anyway?"

G e n d e r ;;
Female, despite Henley mostly being used as a boy's name.
While she is female, she is also bisexual, although prefers males.

"Sorry ladies, it's true. But you still have a chance."

And before you ask, YES-- she does have a crush. She likes Lyric. Why, you ask? Well . . . I think I'll just let Henley answer for herself. . .

"He is quite attractive, of course. Why else?"

H o b b y ;;
Henley does, indeed, have a hobby. Her whole life pretty much revolves around it. Whether you already guessed it or not, her hobby is, of course, magic.
Although, not real magic. Magic tricks. Just well thought-out deception. But they are quite fun, too, aren't they?
Henley thinks so. While sometimes she may use the tricks for reasons other than her own and others enjoyment.
So, yes, Henley is a magician. An illusionist. And she would never want to be anything else.
Even as a child, she loved magic and magic tricks. But back then, she really believed in magic.

"Magic, hah. If only that's what it really was. Now, come over here and pick a card. Any card."

P e r s o n a l i t y ;;
Being an illusionist, Henley is quite mysterious and misleading. If you happen to meet her during a time she is playing one of her magic tricks, you can be sure she is about to fool you-- or even steal from you. A good trick, in her mind, is one that benefits someone-- whether it be herself or the audience. So don't be surprised if she uses her 'magic' to pickpocket you.
If you meet her during a time she isn't showing off her deceptive nature, she will be kind and most polite. Don't ever trust her fully, though-- if you stick around too long, you might be in for a bit of a surprise. Henley will try to take advantage of you.
Despite her behavior, Miss Reeves does have some close kiamaras. Those who she considers her friends, she is kind and loyal to. Everyone needs someone to talk to and trust, no matter how independent they may seem.
Along with this, Henley is also quite flirty. If she sees someone she thinks is hot, there's no doubt that she will hide her tricky self to flirt with them.
And finally, the last, but not least, of this magician's personality traits-- Henley is smart. Now, as you may have heard people say, you can have book smarts or street smarts. Henley has the latter (unlike me cx). While she never did well in school (or even cared, really), she needs to be at least slightly clever to pull off some of her tricks. And because she can, it surely shows she has some intelligence.

"Sounds like because of who I am, many are not going to like me. Oh well, as if I care what they think."

S t o r y ;;
Henley's story will take place across her life. They are different points in her journey that are meaningful to how she became who she was and is.

This is sort of my style of how to do stories, and I really hope you like it <3


"Hush little baby, don't say a word. . ." A mother kiamara lulled her newborn child to sleep, her warm body curled around the tinier one.
The father stood over both of them, a gentle smile on his face. He leaned down and nuzzled the small baby, which proceeded to let out a small sneeze. Chuckling, the male asked, "What should we name her?"
"I think. . . Henley. I always thought it was a beautiful name," the mother murmured softly, quite tired. She slowly began to fall asleep, along with the newly named Henley.


Henley woke up with a start, the remnants of a nightmare drifting across her thoughts, slowly disappearing. Now she was left with merely a feeling of fear in the pit of her stomach. She was now a toddler, and a very skittish one at that. She was afraid of a lot-- bad dreams included.
She ran to her parents, jumping on top of them so she could wake them up quickly. Grumbling, her parents sat up, rubbing their eyes. They were still half asleep.
Henley's father was the first to fully wake up. "Hen . . . what's wrong?" He asked with a yawn.
"I had a nightmare. . ." Henley said, looking up at her dad with pleading eyes. "Can. . . um . . . can you make it go away?" Her voice faded to a scared whisper.
Her father took on that same gentle smile he had the day she was born. "Of course I can." He reached out and hugged her, a long embrace. After a moment, he let go, and turned back to Henley. His face turned serious. "That should do the trick," He said.
"But. . . you didn't do anything." Henley said, tilting her head.
"Oh, yes I did." He nodded as he said so.
"But. . . how?" Henley asked, confused. "How did you do it?"
His face once again lit up with a smile, he replied.


The little girl stood in awe. Now a child, Henley watched the magician pull out the same card the other kiamara had chosen from a whole deck of them. They said it was magic, and she believed it. She wanted to see more, but now the show was over. Frowning, the girl trotted alongside her mother as they left.
Seeing her daughter so sad at the end of the magician's illusions, she told Henley, "Don't feel bad, it's not real magic anyway. He's just tricking us."
This was the wrong thing to say. It only made her daughter more upset.


Henley didn't understand. Why had they left her? What had she done? It seemed like they had cared. . .
But now, it seemed they didn't. Her parents had left her, left her in an orphanage.
Well, at least that's what they told her. The kiamaras who ran the orphanage that she now found herself in, that is.
So they had decided to give her away? Fine with her. She didn't need them. She didn't need her parents.
She hated them.
She hated everyone.
And that night, she ran away. And she never looked back.
Little did she know that her parents hadn't given her up, hadn't left her. Her parents had died in a fire the previous night. Henley had been sleeping away from them, sleeping in a den of her own for the first night. The kiamaras that ran the orphanage told her the lie to spare her feelings.
But it didn't work. Her emotions were torn up more than had they told her the truth.
She never did find out that her parents had died, that they truly loved her.


A teenage Henley stood alone, leaning against a tree. She had nothing, nothing except a deck of cards she had bought off a traveling merchant. She needed some way to make money, and right now magic tricks seemed like a pretty good choice. She remembered a card trick she had seen a performer use once. Now, what was the trick to it. . . ? She wracked her brains trying to figure out something she had never knew.
Henley threw the cards down in frustration. She'd never be able to do anything.


Despite not believing she could do any magic, Henley was wrong. She was soon a master at simple card tricks, and began doing more complicated illusions. She became a magician. And she made a nice amount of money off of it-- especially when she pick pocketed a member of her audience using 'magic'.
Sometimes, she would even make the money appear 'magically' in someone else's pocket. But, truthfully, she had merely had an assistant place some money there and pretended it was the same. But she always gave to someone in need of the money, someone who was poor. Though it's not like that justified it.
She left quite a few kiamaras with lighter wallets-- and some, no wallets at all-- but never seemed to be caught.

During a magic show, Henley was supposed to be making a bird appear out of nowhere. So, of course, she did; although, not really out of nowhere, of course. As the crowd oohed and aahed at the beautiful, vibrantly blue bird she had just tricked them into thinking had magically turned up, it began to fly away.
But it left behind something.
Three blue feathers fluttered to the ground in front of her.


Henley was just finishing up one of her shows. But now, she had feathers-- three blue ones, tied to her ears and tail. She was a fully grown kiamara.
During this show, she hadn't stolen anything from anyone; she had been feeling rather generous that day. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a male kiamara standing at the back of the audience. He had stood there for only a moment, to see what people were gathered around for, before turning and walking away.
She recognized him. Lyric. The quiet, good looking one. At least, good looking in her eyes. She watched him walk for a moment, distracted from her trick. Remembering what she was supposed to be doing, she quickly turned back to her audience and finished the card trick she had started.

Henley groaned, sitting in the shade of a tree. She was, once again, alone. Her assistants, even those essential to most of her illusions, had left due to not being paid as much as they felt they should be.
Sighing, she flipped through her deck of cards. They were the only friends she had left now.

This is the end of the story in my form, but don't worry.  This isn't the end. If I win Henley, her story will continue. Her life will continue, she will continue to develop. If not. . . then this is where the journey ends, and Henley Reeves will be no more.

A r t ;;

The Now You See Me theme, just for kicks:
It doesn't really describe her personality, but it really captures the feel of illusions and deception, which IS a big part of who she is.

The story is by me.
As are all the following written works of art.

Magic - A Poem

Dazzling, glimmering, shining;
Fooling, distracting, lying.
You see, magic can be bright and grand.
Or is it glorified sleight of hand?
Tricky, yes, but enjoyable too;
Isn't that good enough for you?
Because if this magic is all I have left,
Why shouldn't I get away with theft?
I don't need to listen, I need to run,
As getting caught would be no fun.

Feather dividers by myself
Pick a Card by Rivkah
All That's Left by LoneWolf.
The Fluttering Feathers (full) by myself
All Grown Up by myself
Ace of Hearts by myself

All photos found in my form are taken by me, for me, and for use in this form.
If this makes any sense to you, they were taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T3i.
Full images here:
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4

What's that you say? Recognition isn't art?
Well of course it isn't! And I thought you'd be smarter. . . Anyway, why is this under the art category then? Because I have no where else to put it. That's why.
So, onto the recognition. Of course I'd like to recognize all the wonderful artists who drew me pieces for Henley (I'm talking to you, LoneWolf. and Rivkah <3), and you, ♥Talon, for designing her. But, I'm obviously grateful to them. No, the two people I'd like to recognize are being recognized because they AREN'T obviously recognized elsewhere. Er, one person and one group of people. Whatever.
The first person I'd like to recognize is "LoneWolf.". What's that? She was one of the artists who drew me a piece of Henley? Well, yeah, she was. But she did much more than that. Lone has supported me throughout everything I've striven to do in the kiamara community-- and outside of it. We are best friends in real life and on the internet, and this year of friendship has been great. She has helped me by drawing art for many of my forms for kias, many of which I haven't won. But she still supports me, still draws me art, and. . . yeah, that's about it cx But she is seriously amazing. So yeah.
The last person-- er, people-- I would like to recognize is my competition. Gahh, there are just so many good forms here! You guys would all love her so much, I know. But, then again, so would all of us. I know all the effort you guys have put into your forms and I really do wish you all the best of luck. <3

Now, here at the end of my form, I would like to thank you for reading all of this. I know you said to keep it short, haha, so I didn't add that many extras, but really tried to flesh out the ones I had. I had a lot of fun working on my form, actually, and it's probably the best I've ever done cx I'm afraid I wasn't able to do as much as I would have liked, due to my vacation and all, but I worked really hard and I hope you liked my form <3
Thank you and goodbye,

Now y o u don't.

Shout out goes to Eos, owned by Terrier, as she was the original kiamara to occupy my second slot. Love is sent her way <3

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Post by Downn on Fri May 24, 2013 11:29 pm


U S E R N A M E ;;
Downn-- I don't have any nicknames,
other names, nothing. Just call me

N A M E ;;
Avalon-- one of her nicknames is Ava.

B A C K S T O R Y ;;
You may have noticed Avalon's jewelry. The star and moon are quite peculiar, no? Or you may have noticed the slight frown she wears. Perhaps not as peculiar, but still not the usual. Why does she have these, you ask? Well. . . you are about to find out. I wrote this story in short scenes, memories from her life as she grows. Without further ado, here is Avalon's story, which added up to 344 words. I hope it's okay that I went a little bit over. . .


"They were mean to me too."

Avalon looked up. A kiamara, who looked about her age, stood in front of her. Ava had been in the woods, crying about how the other children had bullied her because she wasn't social and never played with them.

"Why? Why were they mean to you?" Avalon asked.

The other child paused for a moment. He seemed quite . . . awkward. "My name is Blue Jay," he said, matter-of-factly. "And I know a cool spot in these woods. C'mon, let's go play."

Ava didn't mind that he hadn't answered her question. She followed him anyway, happy she had finally found a friend.


"The stars are pretty, aren't they?" Avalon looked back at Blue Jay. It had been a year since she had first met him, but they were still children. They now stood in the spot he had once said was cool: a cliff, looking over a valley that had a great view of a river and at night, the stars.

"They're lighthouses." Blue responded.

After much questioning in the months after she had met him, Ava had figured out why Blue had seemed awkward: Blue Jay had Asperger's Syndrome. And so, when he said that the stars were lighthouses, Avalon didn't question it, and from that day on, thought of the stars as lighthouses herself.


"It's for you." Blue Jay nodded at the jewelry he had brought with him: small metal craftings of a star and a moon. "They are like the lighthouses."

"It's beautiful!"

Avalon and Blue were standing on the very cliff they spent much of their days. Ava stared at her new gift, and smiled. She would wear them every day.


Soon after Avalon had received her gift, Blue Jay died. He had gotten lost in the woods, and couldn't find his way out. Ava was heartbroken-- she loved Blue Jay, and he had gone. But now Ava knew that she didn't have to be antisocial; now she knew what it felt like to have a friend. And she loved it.


There you have it. She keeps her jewelry in honor of her friend, and keeps the frown because she lost him. She became social because she knew it's what he would have wanted. But most of all, she kept on believing, even though she knew better, that the stars, were indeed, lighthouses.

A R T ;;

by .cupcakefox.(bold)

Lighthouses by LoneWolf.

by MintCat

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Post by Downn on Fri May 24, 2013 11:29 pm


M y • n a m e ;;

My name is Oblivion. Does it surprise you? I am very brightly colored, aren't I? But still, only part of me is this brightly colored-- in fact, when I was just a baby, I didn't have the bright colors. At first, I was all black with white spots, and so my parents named me Oblivion. But, soon after I was born, splotches of color began to appear, growing bigger as I myself grew. Even my eyes began to change, the bright colors of my fur shining in them. Now I have a splash of color across one of my shoulders and my tail, somewhat contradicting my name.

But still, a name is a name, and mine will not change. I am Oblivion, or, for short, Obliv, Livion, Bliv, Vion-- pretty much anything you can think of.

M y • g e n d e r ;;

I am a male, and would not let anyone think otherwise.

M y • lullaby ;;

When I was a baby, my mother would sing me a lullaby. Every night, she would tuck me in to the same rhythmic piece of song.

The song went like this:
Dark skies, bright eyes,
never ending sunshine.

Never leave, never stray,
try to find the right way.

Don't let the light die.
Don't fade away, don't cry.

So long as you are at my side,
you and I will not divide.
Click here to listen to Oblivion's Lullaby.

It is not sung to the tune of any other song, as it is it's own.

My own.

M y • p e r s o n a l i t y ;;

I have a rather bouncy personality. I like to run around, hopping along. I also like jokes! I love humor and anything that makes me laugh. ouo

Although, I think this is mostly because I'm a kid. I'm getting more mature, though! More serious. But you can believe I will always have a splash of bounce among my seriousness, just like the splash of color in my dark fur.

T h e • w r i t e r ;;

Hello, my name is Downn. I immediately fell in love with this child, but I see more than just a child in him-- I see a story. A story that I have attempted to bring to life.

I hope you enjoyed my introduction of Oblivion through his personality, his lullaby, and the story of his name and colors. Thanks for viewing my form,


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Re: ~Downn's Kiamaras~

Post by Lana. on Sat Jul 20, 2013 4:35 am

Your kiamaras are all so cool. C:

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Re: ~Downn's Kiamaras~

Post by AmberSky345 on Sat Jul 20, 2013 11:33 am

I love your Kias!


I am the extremely proud owner of Kiamara #364, Keeva. She is always open for rp's, and I would love some art of her too <3333

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Re: ~Downn's Kiamaras~

Post by Downn on Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:00 pm

Glad you guys like them, haha. I think they are pretty cool myself cx Although, if I didn't, I wouldn't own them. :I

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Re: ~Downn's Kiamaras~

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