Hey I'm new to this and I need critique

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Hey I'm new to this and I need critique

Post by fullmetalsouleater on Fri Oct 18, 2013 3:36 pm

Hello everyone! :3 I'm fullmetalsouleater but I'm sure most of you know me as soul.~
Well I'm trying out for two wonderful Kia's Nursery batch #28 (being judged, and I'm soooo nervous) and Kia #369 (End date is October 21, no extensions will be made, and your only allowed to make three pieces of art.)

I would just like comments and criticism about my forms and what I could've/should've done better. <3

Nursey batch #28


Fourth before the bottom. <333 (page 8)

Kia #369


My entry is at the very bottom of that page. (page 6)

That's it. <33 now go and criticize me! x3 <33

I love these kias a lot <333

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