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Tori's Kiamaras <3 Empty Tori's Kiamaras <3

Post by Tori!(: on Tue Nov 26, 2013 12:05 am

Tori's Kiamaras <3 Cato

I just got gifted Cato Bug by jensenaackles ;u;

So this will be his place for art and his info <3

Name ; catobug
Age ; 7
Gender; male
Personality; He loves his cat bug plush. He has had it ever since he was a child, a young child. It was a gift from his parents before they left him, when they noticed he would never grow. he is taken in care by summer melody, whom he views as both a sister and a mother, and even best friends.  he talks in a childish voice and loves to play in the sandbox with summer's golden retriever puppy, bubbles. he loves to eat lollipops and play often, and could be a troublemaker sometimes. but to sum it all up, he is a sweetheart.

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