Valerie - Where's love when you need it? {Thread}

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Valerie - Where's love when you need it? {Thread} Empty Valerie - Where's love when you need it? {Thread}

Post by 'venus on Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:01 pm

Valerie - Kiamara #9
Valerie - Where's love when you need it? {Thread} Image
Val or Eerie
Shy Valerie is naturally a very nervous Kiamara, she doesn't like masses of attention from other Kiamaras unless they are the boy that she really likes. It is rare not to hear Valerie stutter or stumble through her words when she speaks, that is the on thing that always happens, no matter what she does. She hates being watched whenever she does something, no matter what it is, she cannot be watched.
Hopeless Romantic Valerie is desperate to find the right guy, she loves the idea of romance but being shy hasn't helped her find him as she doesn't know how to speak to the guy without sounded stupid. She is very sweet and isn't hard to please when it comes to romance but is particularly interested in love letters, she wants to meet her love by reading his love letter. But she doubts that she'll ever find them.
Motherly Valerie fusses about everything if you have a mess in your fur, she will walk up to you and flatten it out for you so that your not a mess. This does annoy those around her as she will spot you and tell you off about it, but she only does it because she cares. She cares about everyone aslong as they don't make fun of her, but it doesn't suprise her when they do as they is quite an easy target.
-Sleeps hugging her pillow
-Has a chip in her right horn
-Has a kink in her tail
-Blushes nearly all the time
-Flutters her eyes when she's upset to stop tears
Valerie is looking for friend so please PM me if you are interested.
She is also looking for a boyfriend/future mate so also if you want to roleplay and get them together and stuff, yeh PM me.

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