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Post by Pandalove789 on Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:28 pm

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━ Watch out for Hera
She'sa jealous one ━

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━ Watch out for Hera
Hera was the greek goddess of marriage and birth. I was thinking this kiamara would be very motherly, but just like Hera in the myths, she had a nasty temper and got jealous easily. I just love greek mythology, and I think it would be amazing if my kiamara represented one of the characters from then.

She'sa jealous one ━

Date and time achieved:
Mon Dec 31, 2012 6:07 pm



Why the name was chosen:
At first sight, Hera looks very motherly and kind. She looks like an amazing parent and a good wife, just like the goddess Hera! I wanted an original name such as that, one that fit her personality and was unqiue. I am also very interest in Greek Mythology. I can name all of the main Gods and Goddesses off of the top of my head since I was eight, and even a bunch of monsters, misc. characters, and lower level Gods! But another thing I knew was that female Kiamara's could be grumpy and a pain sometimes. Hera, the Greek goddess of marriage and birth, was known for being very jealous, exspecially because Zeus, her husband, was often flirting with other girls. That added of touch to her personality, which had shown she is flawed in some ways, and is not such a Mary-Sue.

Hera is kind and motherly, and is willing to take anyone in her arms when love is needed. but she is also known for her sour jelousy. She often gets jelous when she sees other female Kiamaras with handsome mates, perfect children, and when their flirting with a crush of her's! Most of the time, this jelousy leads to fights, and sometimes, nothing at all leads to fights! Hera watches you from a distance; she knows who you are, who you're in love with, all of your bad deeds, and she also knows when to pounce!

Hera came from a large, loving, wealthy family. Every Christmas they would gather in Hera's mansion, all participating in the activities of sitting by the fire and reading, devouring a feast, and of course, carroling. The house contained of many rooms, several bedrooms, two guestrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms [ through a separate doorway ] in each room that contained a bed, a library, and a front and back porch for viewing the scenery.
Hera was never sure where she was located, though. In summers it was humid and moist, in fall it was dry and colored with reds and yellows, in winter it snowed a foot, and in spring flowers bloomed and blossomed. It was a wonderful place to live.
But everyone grows older, and Hera sure did. The family tradition was when you got the right age [ your parents chose the age ], you would go out and find someplace to stay on your own. So Hera ventured out to find a place to stay. She searched everywhere for a big house. She wanted to have Christmas at her house, because the other tradition was whoever has the biggest house by Christmas gets to have it there! But all Hera could afford was a small apartment in the city. To buy it she had to sell most of her expensive items, which left her looking like a regular old Kiamara. Every day Hera would go out, envying the Kiamaras that could afford such luxury...

Her Apartment?:
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Bed area:
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