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    Name: Zano. *Pronounced Za-no
    Nickname(s): Currently none.

    Age: One year and two months. Equivalent to fifteen years old.



    Zano's naturally curious, he can hardly resist the temptation given from numerous warnings given if the outcome isn't exactly as satisfactory as the boy assumes. He's one to ask many things he lacks knowledge in, and isn't easily brushed off when he's questions go unanswered.


    Zano is hardly the one to admitted his wrong, rather covering it up, lamely I may add. It's simple to see through his dishonesty, despite how dumbfounded Zano seems to his punishments for his wrong doings. The kid loves a good joke like any other, if he's encouraged, the Kiamara can pull of some pretty nifty tricks.


    Zano has a burning passion for his friends, and family, in the actual situations, he's a bit rash with his decisions when it comes to the better welfare of others.


    He. Won't. Stop. Asking. Oh my gosh. Stop. I seriously have no idea. Shut.. up. -plops on yo lap- TAKE HIM.


    Zano keeps a "cool attitude" about him, the kid likes the punk reputation, often when it comes to interacting with him for the first time he'll seems disinterested, though unfortunate for his pride, he unintentionally drops out from this state if distracted.

    Family: Shastellique. Sibling.

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