Rivkah's gone wibbly wobbly - an introduction.

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Rivkah's gone wibbly wobbly - an introduction. Empty Rivkah's gone wibbly wobbly - an introduction.

Post by Rivkah on Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:47 pm

Rivkah's gone wibbly wobbly - an introduction
Hello dearies. c: May I introduce myself? I'm Rivkah. Call me Rivkah or Riv, but I prefer if you don't use Rivvy. Gets on my nerves. X3

I am so happy that the Kiamaras have their own fan forum! It's a shame I don't have one yet to introduce you to, but I have two I am really in love with. #164 and #169.

So, let's get started on the introducing, shall we?
    the basics - what I do on here

    ⇢ I am a high semi-literate to literate roleplayer on here, and I love roleplaying a variety of topics that usually include fantasy.
    ⇢ I am an active Oekaki maker and I'm currently improving my work every day.
    I am a collector of good pets and one that covets them like my babies.
    ⇢ I am a frequent visitor to the Doctor Who Fan Club.
    I am the internet wifey of summer monday, who is a doll.
    As some of my friends on here know, I am from America but my heritages are American x Scottish x Irish x German x Jewish x Polish x Swedish x Dutch. cx

    what I like

    ⇢ If you haven't noticed by now, I am obsessed with Doctor Who.
    ⇢ I am a geek in the broadest sense of the word, as there are many classes of geeks and I'm all of them mashed into one.
    ⇢ To continue the above, I am interested in....
    ⇢ science
    ⇢ history
    ⇢ books
    ⇢ outdoors
    ⇢ wildlife
    ⇢ dead stuff
    ⇢ anthropology
    ⇢ study of the human body
    ⇢ culture
    ⇢ soccer
    ⇢ video games
    ⇢ roleplaying
    ⇢ writing
    ⇢ animals
    ⇢ science fiction
    ⇢ time travel
    ⇢ astronomy
    ⇢ the universe
    ⇢ chemistry
    ⇢ biology

    Okay I think you get the point. XD

    what annoys me

    illiteracy - I do not like text talk, I am a bit of a grammar freak. However, I am never rude about it.
    Racism. I have a very colorful background and racists are really high up on my "do not cross me with this" list.
    Bullies. Plain and simple.
    Mushrooms. Yuck.
    Flirts. Don't even get me started.

Even though I have a temper I'm actually a pretty tolerant person. I love chatting and if you haven't noticed, my "likes" column is huge, so don't be afraid to post here or pm me about my interests!

And yes, though I do not directly broadcast it, I am a supporter of homosexuality / bisexuality / pansexuality / demisexuality / asexuality / etc. because there is nothing in my religion that bans it. I have many friends who are not straight and we get along fine. cx Just thought I'd put this out there, for no apparent reason...~

I think that's it? cx I'd love to meet people and their Kiamaras!

I have the same username on Chicken Smoothie. c:

I own Ofira Arella, RU #29, Chazak, #264, and Finnegan, RU #70. cx

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